Who's Going To WDW in September for FREE DINING


I’m Going To DISNEY!
And I got Free DINING!!!

A while back I started a thread, but I guess we kinda lost interest…


Anyway… MissSMIG and I - Oh and our ENTIRE family will be staying at CSR September 19 to September 27…

When are you going?
Are you interested in meeting other MBers?


Free Dining… Free Dining… I am so happy that I am going to WDW w/ Free Dining…

MissSMIG and I will be enjoying the MAGIC of DISNEY - September 19 to September 27…

I’m doing the happy dance again…


August 30th to September 2nd- a short but sweet 4 day trip.


Sept 6th-14th


That is the same time we are going :laugh: :cheshire: :goofybounce:
Staying at POP


I’m probably not going to go in September this year. It’s still too hot.
Also, now that passholders can get the dining plan with room only reservations, with passholder rates, two adults staying in a deluxe resort is pretty much equal to free dining. That is, dining plan for two adults per night is about $78, so with even a $60 per night discount on a deluxe room, dining is almost free anyway.


We’ll be there Sept 20 -27 at POR!


August 24th - 30th!!
with FREE FOOD!!!


Not during Free food… I can tell ya that.:mad:


Not definite yet, but it looks like 8/24 - 9/1 for us - ressies on hold.


I have a question- where are you all staying? When we booked yesterday we were told that we could not stay at POP-


We’re staying at POR, the values weren’t available for our party of 5 (so they said)


I’ll be there 9/20 - 9/27 (yay! we check in on the last possible day for the free dining offer, so we’re getting it!). Me, my wife, my sister, and another couple will be at the Wilderness Lodge that week.


DW & I are hoping to go up 9/25 - 9/29 although I will not be looking into making reservations until after we get back from our Memorial Day weekend trip. If we do go those dates, we would love to meet y’all one of the first few few days we are there before you leave


Our family will be there 9/18-9/28. We are staying @ CBR. Can’t wait!


It was official yesterday… 8/30-9/5 for free dining! Unfortunately I’m going too early for the meet-n-greet, :sad: but what a great idea!



I will also be there 9/20-9/27 at POR. Would love to meet some more MBers!!


We are staying at ASMo, 8/30 to 9/5 (two rooms for the 6 of us!)!

woohoo- where did you end up?



Sept 18-26th at Pop. Can’t wait. We booked during bounce back promo so maybe that’s why Pop was available…hopefully more spots will open up.


Sept. 8-13th Happy Dance!!!