Who's had Lunch at Coral Reef?


I’ve booked Coral Reef for my birthday in August. After reading through the post “Restaurants I’d never eat in again” I’m beginning to wonder if I may have made a mistake:crying:

Has anyone had a fabulous lunch there? Kids are aged 14, 17, 19 & 21.

If you really think I’d prefer lunch elsewhere, where would you suggest?
I thought I’d do lunch rather than dinner as we hope to get seats for Cirque du Soleil early evening. We can just all grab a snack later on in the day if we have a special family lunch.

Thanks again all!


We ate once at Coral Reef and it wouldn’t go back. I had the lobster trio, I don’t think it’s on the menu anymore. It was very expensive and we all left hungry. But that’s just my experience, and my opinion.

If you’re looking for a good lunch at Epcot I would recommend LeCellier, or Teppan Edo.
Good luck!


We have dined at Coral Reef several times over the years and the quality does seem to have gone down. With that said, I still love getting the check and seeing that I REALLY “made money” on the deal by spending much more than I paid for the dining plan.


I agree, I’ve eaten there 2 times in the past 5 years, and honestly neither time was that impressive. The atmosphere is alright, the food wasn’t bad. But the first time I went the lighting made me sick. Like motion sick. (I think it was a combination of the ambient lighting and the jasmine infused rice, allergic maybe?) lol. But I got a horrible headache and felt light headed. I had to leave and go sit outside in the rain… lol. The second time, they split my party up (since it’s a small venue).

You see, the restaurants dining room is set up into three levels (like the shelf of the ocean). Separated by half walls all facing the aquarium case. Half of my party was on the second shelf, and the rest was on the third shelf. Now we did have a party of 10, (with kids aged from 2 all the way to 18) but we really like to sit together, and they had promised us seats together when we made the reservation.

We even gave it that second chance and it still really didn’t stand out to us, it was terrible but it wasn’t memorable. And it’s just to small for us. Plus I don’t think the service there is too personable. They were good and attentive, but they didn’t interact very well either time. And both times we waited well past our ADR time. :confused:

In my opinion, I think somewhere else would be a better choice, but it all depends on you guys personally!

Luckily for you, there are a million WONDERFUL places to do lunch in EPCOT! Both full service and tableservice. Le Cellier is delicious, but it is pretty hard to get a ressie unless you have a smallll party.

Were you looking to eat somewhere else in Epcot? I’ve eaten almost everywhere in Epcot… lol.


We ate lunch there for our Candlelight Processional package. The atmosphere was worth it. The food was okay. The service was not so good. Now that we’ve done it once, we won’t do it again, but it was worth it for us just to try it that first time. The aquarium really is cool.