Who's pumped for Call of the Wild?


NEW Disney Pixar movie coming out soon! It looks really good. It has the same plot that is similar to Madagascar where these animals get loose into NYC I think. But anyways it looks great!


Yeah, Disney actually started it in production FIRST then the Madagascar looooosers copied their idea, but made it in half the amount of time and got it into theaters first.
Those sneaky devils.

Should be good though, can’t wait!


Can’t wait!

Speaking of Disney/Pixar. Don’t they have a movie “cars” coming out soon?


I saw the prievews and it looks cute I cant wait


Yep, that’s the one I’m waiting for. Or, more accurately, the one I’m waiting to take DS4 to. He’s all about cars.

I vaguely remember seeing a preview for Call of the Wild. I thought it had to do with escaping from a backyard? :huh:


Sorry but that’s not quite right. The next movie from Disney/Pixar is Cars. The Wild is Disney and Disney alone. Cars was supposed to be the final movie between the two, but now that they’ve joined forces, we’ll see more!


Perhaps Cars will bring back the legendary Autopia! (Which I’ve never seen…)



I haven’t seen any previews for Call of the Wild, but it has to be better than Madagascar was…

I’m REALLY excited about Cars though. I can’t wait to take JD (DS, 3 y/o) to see it. He loves “go-go’s” (what he calls cars). :biggrin:


The Wild looks interesting, I’ll probablly end up seeing it but Cars looks great!


Cars looks OK but I want to see how much better disney’s animal movie was to Madagascar! I really want to see Cars though too!


I’m SO excited for Cars - not so much for The Wild. It looks identical to Madagascar. I couldn’t believe Disney would so blatantly copy another idea - but now that I know the real story (thanks Tessa!) I feel so much better, haha. Still though… not all that excited. Maybe it was because Madagascar stunk so badly, in my humble opinion. :blow:


Personally, I though Madagascar was hysterical. I don’t often ask for movies, but I asked for it for Christmas. I’d take the “beating Disney to the punch” story with a grain of salt.


Agree completely. I LOVED Madagascar.

I don’t think the general public is going to buy the ‘beating Disney’ idea. But I hope it’s not a let down.


Honestly I thought the animation for “Call of the Wild” looked a little rough in the previews, it looked very square. In my opinion it didn’t look up to Disney standard. Hopefully it will look better in the finished product.


i thought “the wild” is all disney, like “chicken little” is. i know disney and pixar made “cars”.


I didn’t really care for Madagascar - I thought it was a little boring. I hope this movie is better.


I thought it was hysterical. The penguins made the movie and the island animals singing “I like to move it” was also funny. I am looking forward to the Wild. I can’t wait to see Disney newest movie. An orignal idea is better than another sequel! As for cars, I am not even remotely interested, but my DD is so I’ll see it.


I agree with you fellow Club-member. :angel: Gotta love those penguins. lol. I’m not the least bit interested in Cars either - but cars in general don’t interest me - unless it’s my dh offering to buy me a BMW convertible. :angel:


Hades is calling us both…lol :angel: DD and I watch the penguin christmas movie often. HYSTERICAL.


We can handle Hades. :angel: