Why are people so RUDE?


I was waiting in line for Test Track on Feb. 6 and if you were in the parks that day you know that severe weather was threatening. The time info stated 30 minutes(which turned into and hour) and we got in line to ride. When we were about ready to turn the corner a “gentleman” was on his phone calling someone. Well after a few minutes a woman and a boy(11 or so) came all the way through the line from the beginning right up to where we were. They kept announcing that the ride could be shut down soon for approaching severe weather so we were hoping to ride before it got there. The woman and boy joined the man in front of us and me being one not to stay quiet questioned what was going on. The man stated that his wife and son had gone to the bathroom and were now just getting back in line. Mind you I was right behind him the whole time in line and no one had gone by me the whole hour. I could see that other people around us were quite annoyed by this event so I told him that was not true and we saw him calling on his phone telling them they were about to get on the ride. Ok, I am not prejudiced one bit but his answer to that was “Do you speak spanish?” in a tone that was very confrontational after he spoke very good english up until then. I bit my tongue instead of saying we are in the US and speak english here but instead just said what everyone else was thinking, “you go ahead going through life feeling you are entitled to whatever you want but I hope you don’t teach your child that”. Ok, enough of my beef. Oh I rode the ride and not 5 minutes after did it start raining. I do hope I handled that situation correctly. What would have you done? Is line cutting and saving spots ok at WDW?


I’ll admit - I’ve done it.


I’ve done it too, for Candlelight at Epcot. No one has ever said anything. Does this make me a bad person?


Actually I don’t think that there’s much wrong with that. It isn’t like they all pushed their way through it, there was one person standing there waiting.

Then we should also complain about the family that has one person sitting at a table while the other persons are ordering food.


You have to weigh the cost of your stress (which is still bothering you) vs the 6 second delay (Ithink TT handles 1200 riders an hour, 20 riders a minute) that you suffered from the cutting. You did not receive the bargain here…

Here is a Koan that may help you…

Now-and-Zen-Are you still carrying her? Metta Refuge


I have to be honest with you and say that if it were me that just got off the phone & you questioned me I might have had to turn around and kindly say to you, “I apologize for any inconvenience my family has caused you but please mind your own business & I do not owe you an explanation.”

I do not think that flagrant abuses of line cutting or “spot holding” is fair BUT you made a lot of assumptions about a stranger in a very intrusive way. There have been MANY times that one of my family members has had to leave line; for example, one time my husband left the line because it was sweltering heat and I wanted water & he also had to go to the bathroom. What normally should have taken 10 minutes TOPS ended up taking 35 minutes because the one bathroom he found was closed for cleaning, the next one was quite a walk away, and there was a line for water.

You don’t know if people may have a mild medical condition or if their child does, if they were attending to a family member not present in the line, etc. that caused them the delay. YES, if I thought someone was flagrantly abusing the line system, like allowing a whole conga line party to come in or pushing forward trying to get ahead on purpose I think it’s ok to say something, or even better ask for assistance from a CM to mediate the situation.

But, sheesh, did it REALLY interrupt your experience THAT MUCH that this one man let TWO family members into the line? Instead of assuming the worst of people maybe, as kind Disney guests in Walt’s park, we should have some compassion & NOT assume that this man was “lying, feeling entitled, cutting line”, etc. Let Cast Members do their jobs, if something doesn’t look fair or safe to you alert a Cast Member, they’re there to keep all guests happy.

You told us that you said to the man “you go ahead going through life feeling you are entitled to whatever you want but I hope you don’t teach your child that.” Well jeez, talk about entitlement, who are you to question someone’s motives & take “line morality” & fairness into your own hands without proof? All I am saying is that if I was with children & reacted that way to someone without being properly informed I wouldn’t want them to learn my behavior either.

So, how would I have handled it? If I had children with me I probably would have said to them, “I know it looks like he’s letting those people cut but let’s not assume so, maybe they weren’t in line for an important reason. Maybe someone had a bathroom issue that needed help, remember a time when that happened to you?” If I REALLY felt like I needed to say something to this man I would have said, “Excuse me sir, we are all very concerned about not getting on this ride before the bad weather breaks. Maybe next time you can wait for your party at the entrance of the attraction so they can find you, instead of having them come in front of all these people?”

I am not a passive person AT ALL, I think people here will vouch for me on that, I am a Jersey girl who doesn’t let a FLY get past her but sometimes we have to assume the best in people instead of the worst if we want to be treated the same way.


I don’t see a problem with it. We did it once when we took the kids to meet Tinkerbelle and friends. Our girls had just fallen asleep in their stroller and the line-up was a 75minute wait. Strollers weren’t allowed in line, so my DH got in line and waited and I waited outside so the girls could nap. My DH called us when he was getting closer to the end of the line and I woke the girls and we joined him. We got a few looks from a few people in line, however the people directly around us had no problem with it.

I don’t think it makes much difference wether one person stands in line or 5 people stand in line. It’s just your perception that the line looks shorter with less people there.

I’ve seen parties break up and hold spots in line for character visits too, and I don’t have problem with that either.

I think for the very few times it happens, it’s not like it delays your ride by much, a few seconds maybe? And it is especially helpful for people with small children who are not always able to handle the long line-ups. Maybe if a group of 10 teenagers suddenly joined their friends in front of me I’d have a different perspective, but a wife and child joining their dad wouldn’t bother me.

And, (not directing this at test track) most vehicles for rides hold a couple people or a small family together. Unless you plan on riding with a stranger, most people would wait for the next car anyway.

Just my opinion, but it wouldn’t bother me.


I also think that speaking Spanish may have been a way to distinguish the obviously uncomfortable situation. He may not have wanted to carry on what was seeming to start as an argument in front of his son. If another adult had a problem with something I did, I would rather them confront me quietly to talk about it and not potentially scare my kids.


I totally agree. Teach your kids to take the high road and not judge people. Well said Wishy.


I get annoyed when waiting in a long line for a ride and people let others cut in. I think if it were a parent and one other child, I would have been annoyed as well ,but wouldn’t have said anything. If an entire party was let in line, I would have had a small fit.


Eh… I’d have been annoyed.



And if I’d expanded on my thoughts… I would have written EXACTLY what Dana just wrote while I was writing my short answer.


And if I’d expanded on my thoughts… I would have written EXACTLY what Dana just wrote while I was writing my short answer.[/QUOTE]

And thank you for being short and to the point. :laugh:


I guess I see both sides - CURSES being a Libra! I suppose because we’ve been in both situations. I think it depends on the situation. In this situation - no I wouldn’t say anything. As Wish said - you have no idea if they were lying or not - and such situations have happened to us once or twice. People can get delayed. Two people really weren’t going to cause any delay to you; and it ended up causing heated words and a confrontation.

However, we’ve also been in a situation where an entire flag-holding tour group suddenly descended (at least 20 people). Then we did say - whoa - not gonna happen guys.

For the most I’ve found it’s best to go to the Parks with a reasonably tolerant attitude. There are so many people in the parks that situations where you’re going to get annoyed, exasperated or angry are a definite reality and getting upset over the little stuff can ruin your day.


I go into it as never assuming the worst… There are some kids out there for one reason or another cant’ stand the hustle, bustle and cramped quarters that are expereinced in some lines… So my way of thinking is, I’d rather the wife and child wait outside the line until closer to boarding time then have the child fuss and make not only him or herself miserable but everyone around them…


Love calling line cutters out. I even take the time to call over CM’s. Watch that tap dance. They learn about client satisfaction quickly. DW hates it but we always wait for the whole group to get together before going into an attraction.
Our kids have learned right from wrong from this. Do what is right and it will come back ten fold.
And to the Spanish bit, it is unfortunate, but ask for a CM who can translate. If it was me I would skip the ride and send the rest of our group through just for the enjoyment of holding the cutter crew up just a few minutes longer. They’ll think twice next time.


Wow, this seems like a bit of a touchy subject. I must admit, I do get annoyed when I see people make their way to the front of the line without waiting their turn. I agree that the extra 30 seconds is not going to make any bit of difference in the grand scheme of my vacation, however, if I had to stand here and wait the hour, they should have too.

Okay, now, before I get in trouble for that, here is what I acknowledge. DW and I do not have kids and have not had the experience of Disney with children. DW and I are healthy and young and do not have any conditions that have been mentioned above. As a teacher and an EMT, I fully understand that health can be an issue. I guess the truth of it is that with the heat I get annoyed a little easier. I am way too passive and non-confrontational to ever say anything about it. I just get annoyed and forget all about it when I get to the ride.


Like other have said you don’t know what the real deal is. Maybe they couldn’t handle being in line. Maybe there was a last minute sale at one of the Disney stores and she wanted to shop till her dh was almost on the ride. Neither really bother me. What ticks me right off is when people take pictures in rides or at some of the shows.

We were on PoC our last ride of our trip last time and some fool was in front of us and ruined the ride with all of the photos he was taking. Also on ToT a lady was taking none stop video and pictures and you could see how the effect were done because of her light. I gave her a good dose of stink eye and she soon stopped and told me she was sorry. I don’t know what the bleep is wrong with people but when they say NO PHOTOGRAPHY they mean NO! PHOTOGRAPHY!!! And to the idiot lady who was there in 1992 with her daughter and told her in the Hall of Presidents to just ‘take the picture fast’. Whether or not you take the picture fast the flash still goes off the same!


We do it all the time, I see nothing wrong with it, but it is only 3 of us.
I would have had a slight hissy fit it 15 people walked up and cut the line.

I can also say there have been plently of times that I would have loved to see some parents take the kids out of line, but insted I get to see & hear the melt down. Maybe you had just been saved yourself from see and hearing one your self. Just sayin’

PS I always take my kid out of line before the melt down start to happen, let some stop me…:pirate::pirate:


We go in the summer when lines are long and tempers can be short. I would never say anything to another guest, it’s not my style. We rarely wait in standby lines if the wait is more than 20 minutes so we rarely see this stuff.

Last summer we decided to do Soarin’ standby, the wait was maybe 20-30 minutes. Part way through the line my son had to go to the bathroom so my husband took him while I waited in our spot line. They didn’t make it back before I was up to the front of the line so I let everyone pass by me until they got back. Sure, it looked like line cutting to anyone who joined the line after they went back through or wasn’t paying attenetion when they back tracked but I would hope no one would give them a hard time because we didn’t all want to get out of line and start over again.

You never know why people do what they do so I try to control my reaction to situations and let the small stuff go. Now people cutting in front of us during a parade after we’ve waiting an hour to have a front row will annoy me but I still don’t say anything, I just gripe to my DH.