Why did I not realize Planet Hollywood was on the DP?


It is the ONE place that BIL requested for our trip and I told him no b/c we wanted to make full use of our FREE dining plan. I guess I got confused with the fact that they don’t take ADRs (they DON’T, DO THEY??) and thought it wasn’t on the plan.

SOOO…anyway…our NEW plan is, since I was getting kinda skeptical about the Raglan Road ADR we made, is to get there early and check out Planet Hollywood’s wait and if it’s not too bad we’ll forgo our ADR at Raglan Road. If it looks like we can’t get seated fairly quickly, we’ll dart over and keep our ADR.

I’ve been to Planet Hollywood once, years ago, and don’t remember being that impressed. But, like I said, it was BIL’s one request.

Sound like a plan to you guys???


Sounds like an EXCELLENT plan. Especially since it was your BIL’s request. I ate there once and was NOT impressed in the least bit. However, this is one of the only things your BIL has requested so I say GO FOR IT!!!


Sounds like the perfect plan. We’ve been there a couple of times years ago and the food wasn’t bad–sort of TGI Friday’s-ish.


I didnt know it was on their either until recently.
I always heard it was not so great.
I went to florida years ago when my ex and I were dating and we went to pleasure island and stopped by PH but can’t remember if we ate there! :confused:


Well, if you did, there might be a reason you don’t remember it! :laugh:


LMAO!!! :laugh:

well lately Ive been suffering from CRS!!! lol


Sounds like the perfect plan! It’s about the only place DH really wants to go too, so it’s good to know it’s on the dining plan!


Sounds like a plan to me. I ate there in january of 05 and liked it. Me and my DBF got a kick out of the decore and the food was fine…nothing to write home about, but totally fine. I had no clue that they accepted DDP…thanks for informing me. I have a back-up place then…lol