Why does guidebook give POFQ only 1 star?


The 2011 Complete Walt Disney World book only gives POFQ 1 star (PORS has 3 stars). Here are some of the specifics from the 2011 edition, their reasoning behind the one-star rating:

[I]These two sister resorts are quite different. Corners are cut everywhere at POFQ, with few amenities and a sub-standard food court, but no restaurant. POR is a significant step up. This spacious Southern resort is dotted with magnolia and live oak trees. It’s the only Disney Moderate Resort with rooms that sleep 5. Amenities include both a food court and a restaurant, a fun main pool and shady quiet pools set within the lodging areas, and a wealth of recreation options.

Highs: POFQ - Rooms are close to fast-food dining and the limited recreation , hot fresh beignets. POR - Great pools, some rooms sleep 5, lovely grounds

Lows: POFQ - Uninspired rooms, sub-standard food court, no restaurant, grounds are a little shabby, superficial theming. POR - Rooms are in need of refurbishment, getting to your room can be quite a hike if you don’t have a car.[/I]


Why don’t they just tell us how they really feel? :glare: I don’t think any Disney resort should only garner one star.


Maybe they couldn’t figure out how to give it 1/2 a star.


1 Star or whatever…I’d STILL stay at an on property 1 Star over an off property 4 star when going to WDW!!!


Sounds like a moron wrote that review. “subpar food court” is my favorite moronic statement. They seriously have one of the best food courts I have encountered at WDW. Every cast member SUPER awesome and the food VERY fresh and good.

I guess to each their own and that’s why there is so much variety at WDW. Something for everyone to enjoy and dislike is what makes them such a popular vacation destination. I have plenty of resorts that aren’t for me and they are favorites of some.

Lows: POFQ - Uninspired rooms, sub-standard food court, no restaurant, grounds are a little shabby, superficial theming.

Their rooms have been ranked high amoung the mods by every other guide book…you know the ones that people actually read.

POR - Rooms are in need of refurbishment, getting to your room can be quite a hike if you don’t have a car.

I’d be interested in what their thoughts and opinons on CS or CBR is on this issue as they are both as big or bigger than POR. Also would like to know how they ranked OKW and SSR on this issue.


I second that:cool: I’d even stay in a tent on site and I dont like tents.:laugh:


Someone tell this uninspired writer to go to POFQ now that the rooms are redone. I didn’t think the rooms were THAT bad last year. Then again maybe I’m only a 1 star kinda girl? :laugh:

Sassagoula Floatworks is pretty decent food and the beignet’s omg yum! . I have YET to have a bad experience or rude cast member there. They’re always helpful.


Let’s leave it at one star so there is less of a chance that it will be fully booked when I try to get a room! It is my new favorite resort! :slight_smile:


The only reason we’re switching from POFQ to POP is the savings. Has nothing to do with the food court…very good, theming…very good, CM’s…very helpful…boat to DTD is a great change of pace from the busses. I wonder what the reviewer means by an “Inspired” room?? DW & I have been to WDW many times, and never once did we use the term “inspired” to describe a room, probably won’t use the term anytime soon, either. Walking through the Disney parks…now THAT inspires me.


I’m not a fan of these resorts either. I’ve stayed on 3 different occasions and have never been impressed. I don’t plan to return unless some sort of complete overhaul is done. The whole resort feels like an afterthought to me, like it was never fully completed or brought to fruition. We much prefer CBR for a mod.


Well, of course I agree with this!


I think a lot of it comes down to one’s preference and taste. Dh and I like the New Orleans feel w/o actually having to go to New Orleans. I’ve never been over to POR, dh has and he said it’s nice, totally Southern and something I’d like. Right now the whole family is hooked on POFQ as a mod. Where we live in Florida there is a lot of Spanish influence so CSR or even CBR hold no interest with us.

I’m itching to see the new rooms at POFQ and hoping it freshens up the whole place a bit.


This reminds me of the review an Orlando food reviewer (I refuse to call him a critic) wrote shortly after Emeril’s Tchoup Chop opened at the Royal Pacific.

The guy whined that there was too much soy sauce on everything he had.
Didn’t seem to understand that this was a Pacific/Asian inspired menu.
We ate there shortly after the review was printed and of course found the reviewer either had his taste buds adorning a different body opening or that he had a burr up his bum for Emeril.

Some of the wait staff had had dealings with this guy before and as far as they were concerned, the guy was a joke.


POFQ actually just finished a total rehab and POR is going to be completed by 2012 with “princess rooms”. As I said above, to each their own and that is why WDW has such a variety or places to stay. There is someting to appeal to everyone. I also like CBR’s gorgeous theme, just not the size of the place.


Exactly…I even have that guidebook and didn’t notice that paltry rating. ODD. The rooms at POFQ were just beautifully refurbished. I know there is a great following at portorleans.org I don’t really get the logic/benefit of giving such low rating. After all, it’s only one opinion!


POFQ is our favorite mod., but we’ve had to switch to POR b/c we are a family of 5. It has never bothered me that there is not a sit down restaurant there b/c we eat most of our meals out at the parks and only use the resort to grab a QS every now and then. Personally, I think the grounds there are beautiful.


I think that guidebook was a waste of money. I once bought a Disney guidebook where they referred to Coronado Springs as “Colorado” Springs. Needless to say I sold it at a garage sale. What it doesn’t take into account is the ambience of the resort, the fact that it’s small size is a boon to families with young children and the gorgeous architecture. Everyone has their favourite resorts and obviously POFQ ranks high with those who have actually STAYED there. However, on the upside, think of all the people who’ll disregard it - more rooms for those who love it!