Why does the bottom of the souvenier cups


Why does the bottom of the souvenier cups come off? If I remember correctly, it says on the bottom not to fill with liquid…so, what is it for? My DH put $ in the cup when we went to the pool. Any ideas?


That’s what I did too…threw some cash in there…not sure it has a purpose.


I thought it was so you could glue/velcro the bottom to your car, then have a perfect sized holder. I saw some of these designs about 10 years ago, thought it was just an older type of mug they didn’t update.
Prezcatz Paul


Ahh now that kinda makes sense…hmmmmm


I had never noticed that before. However, I just went into my kitchen and got out the mug we got from Jan '06 at the Movies Resort. That is so cool!!! I’ll have to keep that in mind!


Hmmm. I thought it might have something to do with the dishwasher but could never figure it out.


Maybe it has something to do with insulation? My Coronado Springs mug doesn’t have the removeable bottom, but the rest of them do. I always thought the money/credit card/keys storage was a good idea.


I use mine as a pencil holder.


I’m really sorry ya’ll brought this up. Now I’m going to wonder about this until someone comes up with the official answer!