Why does the Reservations phone# ask


If you have been there more than 4 times, with at least one of the stays since 1978?

Do you get a different reservations department or is there any special benefit for those who have been there more than 4 time or for those who have been there less than 4 times?

Just curious about why the recording asks you to pick a different option for this when you call the phone number…Anyone know?


I’m not sure–wondered that myself.

I do know that when I book a WDW vacation, they make a slight reference to past trips. They say things like, “We’ve added ____ since your last visit,” and etc.

I think part of it is just tracking demographics of visitors.


The next time I call to make a reservation,I am going to ask them why we are asked about how many times we’ve visited WDW before.


yes, please do so because now that this has been brought up, i’m just as curious as everyone else.


Of course,we’re all not going to fall asleep tonight until we know why!!! :tongue: :tongue:


Don’t count me in on that one. :tongue:


Marketing and Demographic info silly. Its all about finding ways to chase your dollars. They have a white room full of people in lab coats counting statistics and you thought people weren’t going to use that math from college. Pffff they all went and got jobs at Disney.


How racist is that! :tongue:


Not that it matters…but the year it says isn’t 1978, is it? I thought it was more recent than that??? (either way, my answer is yes!)


I always wonder this myself! I think they should give us a free trip when we hit 10 times - Sandals used to do that!..I won’t hold my breath, though :tongue:


Disney?? Give a free trip??? Surely you jest!!!(LOL)


I think it’s actually 1998. :pirate:


I think it’s both tracking demographics and keeping guests up-to-date, like Cavey said when they tell you “we’ve added _______ since your last visit”. Mostly it’s probably a demographic thing, they want to know how many of their guests are repeat visitors.


That year, 1998, is the year, around May, that they switched over to the new park entry tickets. The old ones, from before that date, have to be exchanged for the kind in use now. This could, and I’am guessing, be part of the reason. Joe


I called yesterday and they’d changed it to 2000! :confused:


I made my New Year’s Eve ressie at PC yesterday,and I wasn’t even asked the question!!!