Why I love AAA


I called my AAA travel agent (I’ve booked through her twice now and I love her) this morning to change my dates of my June DLR trip by a few days. She just called me back to let me know that we can change, but they only have resort view left. I started to cringe thinking “how much is this going to cost me?” And then she tells me that the price difference is $10!!!

I get to stay at PPH with this view of DCA!!! I think I may die of happiness right now. I :heart: AAA! sigh


Yay! I really like staying at Paradise Pier, its great!


Have a great time and pick me up a pack of those gummy Mickeys! Don’t forget the swirled icecream in DCA. AAA just booked our July WDW trip, what a breeze!


Do you usually see a big difference in what AAA is quoting vs what Disney is quoting? I have to wait to book my trip because it is in Feb of next year but I don’t have a real good idea what AAA will be able to quote me. A bit frustrating. I can only assume it will be less than what Disney would quote me. Also, do you know if I book the room with AAA will I be able to change it into a package once the ticket prices and the meal info comes out for 2007?



It use to be that AAA was a better deal but now, Disney has made them an official travel agent so the benefits are minimal and the price is not that different but the fastpass is their only draw.


Thats looks like a great a great view to me! YOU ARE SOOOO GONNA HAVE FUN! :wink:


omg what a view!!! Especially at night!!! AAA is wonderful… hope you have a great trip! (with that view, for that price difference, how could you not???)


So you’ll be getting that fabulous view and the universal fastpasses by using AAA?? COOL!


i just booked our september trip thru them. it was quite a bit lower then other travel agencies and the disney web site. weird thing though if i take the free dining plan i cannot take the AAA discount so i end up paying $109 more then she first quoted to get free dining> im not understanding it i asked her to explain . have not heard :huh: back yet.


When we stayed there we had a view like that! I was so amazing!


I noticed that the AAA website and the Disney Website are pretty much the same. In past experience I received pretty much the same deal especially when you add airfare. How much difference? 10$ per person? $50 $100… Just curious. Are you a AAA member? Did it make any difference?

I’m not putting AAA down, I would only book with them! There agents are very helpful and really know the parks.


We had the view of DCA from PP when we stayed there, it was sooooo wonderful! You will enjoy it! Have a great trip!


it was a difference of about $500.00. we got a deal of around $1200.00 from AAA. the disney web site gave me aorund $1800.00 tha this for eight nites at pop century park hopper passes, dining plan. we drive so no airfare i am scared to death of flying. it will just be my DH and i no kids this time. they will all be in college when we go as this is our annivrsary. yes we do belong to AAA and use them alot even just to go to beach for the week. the only thing weird is that o get free dining i had to give up the AAA discount so it will cost us $109.00 more to eat free. .


Wow! Enjoy!


oh wow i wish i could stay there!!! its beautiful!!! hmmmm i wonder if my aunt booked through them i think they have AAA