Why I love granting Disney Wishes!


I had two Make-A-Wish interviews last week. One was an adoreable 7 year old girl with a brain tumor and she wanted to meet “real” princesses.

She told me that when she grows up she wants to be a princess, a mermaid or Tinkerbell. :laugh: I said she was [I][B]ALREADY[/B][/I] a princess so she said OK, she’ll be a mermaid :ariel: or Tinkerbell. :tinkerbell:

I left her parents a map showing the bridge to Tomorrowland and exactly where to be during the fireworks because Tink must be a creature of habit - she ALWAYS seems to fly the same route! :whistling

She also called me SILLY when I told her that I’ve had MY picture taken with the Princesses -[I][B] “You’re silly, Princesses are for GIRLS!”[/B][/I]


So precious. Hope she really enjoys her trip. This is what Disney is for, pure magic.


Just wait until her send off party…she’ll EAT those words, I have the photograhic PROOF!!!


Awww… Beauty and the Beast! (I can’t be the first one to say that… :whistling :laugh:)

So sweet. :heart:


She will even get more excited!

Does Disney do anything for them there? They should!


What a sweet little girl and what a great thing that you do:happy:


ehhh - photoshopped


You have one REALLY big heart Richard. I hope everything works out for your wishers.


So Sweet! I hope they have a magical trip!


Don’t be that way Vince. Just cause Belle won’t take a pic with you. She aksed me to “hold her like Beast does…” Sorry, kiddies - a GENTLEMAN never tells. :angel: :whistling

Wish kids are identified by Give Kids The World Village and MAW (etc) pins, and the CMs really give our kids the royal treatment. In addition to special perks at the parks, both WDW and Universal send characters to visit GKTW Village a couple of times a week.

The real unsung heros are the CMs that help bring the characters to life like Rowdie. I make sure I ALWAYS identify myself as a MAW volunteer and thank them for all they do for our kids!

Can you IMAGINE the temp inside those things in August?!? :fork_off: