Why is having more than one use yr bad?


Right now we have a Dec use yr. When we bought we didn’t think anything about it. Now we are thinking maybe, maybe, maybe getting a few points (about 60) at BCV. And I’m thinking a spring use yr would be better for the future as my kids would be looking at more school yr vacations at the GKs get bigger. I’ve read some people say you’ll hate it with two use yrs. Why??? It’s not like you need to remember 47 dates…just two banking deadlines, right? Is there more to it?


I don’t know about add-ons through resale but when you purchase add-ons through Disney you get an automatic Use Year accourding to your original one. For example, our SSR use year is August, when we purchased 100 additional points at BLT we were automatically given the August use year on that as well.

I haven’t thought too much about the inconvenience of having different use years, although I would assume it would get confusing as far as banking, borrowing, & booking capabilities. It would be hard to keep track of.


We have the same use yr for SSR and BLT (dec), but some feel the best use yr is right before you plan to do most of your trips. In hindsight, an august use yr would have been great for us as we do most of our trips between mid sept to mid dec. I talk to my guide just to find out the info about buying at a "sold out " resort and it sounds like IF I wanted to wait, I could get a different use yr for BCV. One advantage, I believe it would have a different contract/member number so the “2 active waitlist per use yr” wouldn’t count on all three contracts.


The other part of having two UY’s (since they are different member #'s) is that you can not combine points for a single point stay without transferring between the two (and that would count as your one transfer per UY for each contract).

For example, since you own SSR and BLT with Dec UY, at 7 months, you can combine all the points and book. However, if you owned, say 60 BCV points and needed 64 points for 2 nights. At 7 months, you can’t just use 4 of your SSR or BLT points–you have to transfer them. Or, you have to book one night with the BCV points (32) and use SSR or BLT points for the other night and link the reservations.

Not that it is impossible, but it does take some extra planning.


It’s just more difficult to stay on top of the planning you have to do. You can bank points and borrow points, but I think you may also have to use one membership for some of your nights, and the other membership for additional nights, which can make booking a little tight. By that I mean, I am not sure you can just pool all your points from both memberships and shop for a vacation with the total.

I may be wrong (it happens a lot folks!), but I think you have to book them separately.


Personally, I’d stick to same use year. Just makes life simpler. Just look for resales with same month. For that matter, there really isn’t that much difference in buying direct considering higher closing costs on resales.