Why is it an ADR all of a sudden?


They used to be Priority Seatings, which made a little sense Disney wise. They were not considered reservations per se. Now we have ADR, Advance Dining Reservation. That’s probably the most redundant term I’ve ever heard. Of course it’s Advance, you’re making it before the fact, otherwise, you’d be walking up. Dining, again, redundant, why else would you make a reservation for a table at a restaurant? Finally, reservation, which, unless it’s changed, is not a reservation in the traditional sense. Back to PS for a minute. They said they were priority seatings, because your requests for a table at such and such time was not guaranteed, merely you were given priority over someone who just walks up, a de facto reservation, by another name. But this? ADR? I say bfd. Just call it a reservation and be done. It either is or isn’t a reservation. If it’s good enough for Emeril’s, it’s good enough for Disney. This whole ADR name thing is confusing and un-needed.


I hear ya. It will always be “Priority Seating” in my heart!


to me its always PS but I think they did this to make it easier for new people to understand


It’s rare indeed when I can post a “ditto” to a Soundgod post. :wink:

I never understood the name change. It’s exactly the same process. While I had never thought about the redundancy of the name, SG is absolutley correct.

Sometimes, we just have to put up with some of the ninnies in Disney Marketing.


MM - That would be the “Office of Disney Marketing Office” thank you very much.


Yeah. The name change was a big negative from everyone. Imagine the poor guy who owned the PSCalculator website?? He had to change a lot of things just for some silly whim of an executive.


I mention Emeril’s in my post mostly because it would be a good comparison and most of you would know it. But I just remembered, when you call Emeril’s for a reservation, you are connected to their “reservationist”. Cute.


I call them ADRs now, to avoid confusion…but I will always think PS is a much more logical term. I really agree Soundgod - ADR just doesn’t make sense. It’s redundant, AND it’s insinuating that you have a reservation. (Which, as we all know, does not exist at Disney Dining.) :huh:


I don’t get the sense of the name either. Priority seating was just what it claimed to be. First available table for your time frame,…ahead of walk-ups…blah blah. You know WDW…they love to change it up. It will be called something else sooner or late.r.lol


Yeah…someday it’ll be…Before Your Trip Advance Disney Dining Reservation Seating. :laugh: BYTADDRS. :laugh:


or what it should be called “YGTNTBWU” You get the next table before walk-ups…lolol


LOL! Yeah that’s a good one!


How about Advanced Seating Situation in honor of the rocket scientist who dreamed up PS and ADR??(1st letter of each word tells you what I think of the person who named it!!)


PAHAHAHA…Yeah…that’s an easy one to remember:blink:


LOL Alma you are too funny!


Thank you!! I do try!!!


And I think that before they were Priority Seatings they were called…RESERVATIONS!!!


Oh, I like that! Let’s go with that name!


But that’s just it… they’re NOT reservations: at least not anymore.

I remember WAY BACK WHEN when they first started doing this at Epcot. I assume that I’m not the only one who remembers talking to a CM through a monitor.

I think back then (circa 1986), they actually held a reservation.

But, people began double and triple-booking and the restaurants weren’t always full, b/c people didn’t show up.

That’s why they changed it. It allows them to gauge and slightly control the number of people that will show up at a particular restaurant.

It’s not a reservation. It’s more like a fast pass.


Back then we couldn’t even make phone reservations because we weren’t staying onsite!

And you can tell it’s not a reservation when you have one at a restaurant and you still have to wait half an hour to get seated!