Why is Pop more expensive vs All Star Music?


Can anyone tell me why Pop is more expensive?


I just double checked allearsnet.com The price is the same for all value resorts. Perhaps you are looking at different room classifications?–you pay more for being close to the pool, etc.


Yep. I just checked the WDW room rates. Prices are the same.


How big of a discrepancy is it? I know technically POP is in a different county than the All Stars and tax is more at POP. So it does end up to be slightly more expensive.
If it’s a big one it may be that you only preferred rooms are available at POP for the date you are looking for? The online booking quotes like to “trick you” into selecting the most expensive rooms sometimes…so double check you’ve got all the right prices clicked.


It was a 75.00 difference. For 3 nights


Recheck it. I just played around with booking a room and got identical prices.

Bella, tax is actually less at PC.


Well I just looked and they have no rooms available.


jk…i knew it was one or the other! :laugh:


If it’s just a weekend trip and you’re not getting the dining plan, you might want to consider an off site condo. This place gets high marks from another…cough cough…Disney discussion board Oasis Vacation Homes,Orlando vacation home rentals near Disney World, Florida


All 4 value resorts have exactly the same rate structure and seasons. All charge extra for Fridays and Saturdays. The only differences are preferred and non preferred rooms. Preferred rooms are closer to the main building.
It might have been one hotel was offering regular rooms and the other was offering preferred rooms, or perhaps Family Suites. the difference in sales taxes can’t be more than a half percent to one percent between Orange and Osceola Counties.


My was more money as well when I checked it but I didnt seem to know at the time I was booking for 3 adults and 1 kid so they were charging me extra $10 per night per adult


Luckily, I was able to book Pop and it was 1.00 cheaper. So I was happy. The price that came up on the website was more than quoted from the CM. So I went with the cheaper of the two. So I am very happy with what I got.
322.00 for 3 nights.


Did you get a FL resident discount or were there not available? Rooms are hard to come by right now, huh? Craaaaaaaazy!


Yes we got the FL resident discount.


Wow, that seems high with a discount. I am so obviously behind the times.

I must be in the ‘2006’ time zone. :ohmy: Since that happens to be approximately the very last time I paid extremely close attention to this sort of thing.

I guess prices have increased greatly since then.



Well the prices were 9th 89.00 Plus 10.00 for additional adult
The 10th were the same and the 11th was 79.00 Sun-Thurs is the
cheapest. All in all we are happy with that. Plust there are EMH on Sun so MK is open til Midnight. So that will allow us to go back to room/pool and let ds take a rest since he is only 3. Hopefully, he can get a nap in.


Yeah, breaking it down like that I can see that those are very reasonable prices. For some reason in my head I was thinking 110 a night, which seemed high with a discount.

My bad! :c)

I think that you have a great rate. You are so gonna love the Pop! I envy you.
I am having to stay off-stoopid-site and that is NOT the way God created it, my friend.


Where are you staying? We have stayed at so many places off site. Really I don’t mind staying off site. It really is not that bad. We did a lot of Time Share deals which we felt really worked to our advantage. We did one it was for the Marriott Grande Vista. Gorgeous place and we practically got the place for free. 2 bedrooms it was stunning. 5 days 4 nights for 99.00 and they gave us 100.00 back for viewing the presentation. So all we were out of pocket for were the taxes. It was a beautiful thing!


We’re staying at some TraveLodge that we stayed at before. It has a suite that sleeps 6 and a pool and a cheap rate-diggity.

We really are not hotel snobs (obvoiously), we will pretty much stay anywhere as long as it is clean, is not ghetto, is not inhabited by drunken party-goers and has a pool. I just like the convienence of being onsite for the same reasons you listed above, but we are just going to do one and a half actual park days so I think we’ll be fine.

I did a timeshare thingie like that over the summer last year that was SO awesome! We had SO much fun!!! The presentation made it worth the stay.

I think it was Celebration Resorts or something…I can’t exactly remember.


Erin have a great time on your trip. We’re not hotel snobs either. I don’t care where we stay as long as we get time at MK. I have been going there since the 70’s I just love it and can’t get enough. That is one of the reasons we moved to FL. The weather is just unbeatable.