Why the heck


… don’t we have a sticky here with the # to call for Disneyland dining reservations?

After all, I may only have tentative plans, but it’s never to early to reserve my place at the Bayou…

(grumble grumble… gotta go find that number…)


Just type 800 number in the search engine. You can simply ask the mod for that section to make it a sticky. It’s not done because no one has requested it or no one thought to do it.


I know, I know… but thanks for the reminder that there’s probably an 800#. I just got the official 714# and didn’t think to look further.

(But don’t get me started on the vagaries of this search engine!)

In any case, I was wrong… it IS too early to make an August reservation. For Disneyland, reservations are only 60 days out.


Yes, August is more than 60 days from now. We have all of June and July…thirty days in june and thirty one in july.


I’ve never seen an 800 number. Even on the DLR site they list the (714) 781-DINE number. And yes, I have it memorized, I call that much! :pinch:


I don’t think there is an 800 number.

In order to Contact Disneyland for free you can either use the payphone in the park or walk up to BB directly.

For visitors outside of the Disneyland area there is no 800 number offered so you will need to make a long distance call.


yes there is. Let me go and find it. It was listed here somewhere in a thread

Here it is 877.939.3732


there is already a sticky for Reservations at Disney


The stickies on this site don’t seem to stay on top?


I think that number is for WDW, not Disneyland?

In any case… zombie thread! :laugh:


I think this is for Disney World not DisneyLand.


Well, I can’t call toll free numbers from my island, anyway, so I’m stuck until I land in LAX regardless.

But it bummed me out that WDW has one but Disneyland didn’t.

Which is why I resurrected this zombie thread from the grave, especially since it wasn’t officially answered previously. :ph34r:


hey girl, I am trying here:blush: