Why won't SW cooperate?


I have been watching Southwest’s web site for the last week, and they still haven’t released any dates after June 9th. Don’t they know how frustrating this is for me?!?!?!? :crying:


I hear that. Southwest did it to me again this year. I need to book 3/25 departure and 4/1 return, so of course the schedule came out until 3/31. When they finally came out with the next batch, the cheap 3/31 flights were long gone and the overall price wasn’t competitive.

Same exact thing happened a few years ago.

Good luck!



Yeah…I just don’t know why they can’t release their schedules like all the other airlines…Ugh…that 6 month thing BITES! :nonono2:


I feel the pain - they’re killing me. I am wathcing a back up fare at Air Tran, and might have to commit. (AT is not as accomodating as SW if you need to make a change.)


I’d always hold out for SW…their no change fee policy is great!


Why won’t they cooperate? Because airlines are all EEEEEVil! Of course, my current loathing is focused on Delta, but I’m going to thoughtlessly dump all airlines into the same category.


Do you receive their emails? They are always announcing deals through email. I think I get them twice a week.


Yup - I also loaded that DING thing. But, I can’t do anything unless they release my dates. My dates are 6/24-6/29, so hopefully when they do they’ll release both dates so I won’t have to worry. But, they are only booking through 6/9 right now. That is only 5 months from now. GRRR!!! :angry:


It was only 3 weeks ago that they released the current dates. I imagine it will be early March before the June dates are released.


It was only 3 weeks ago that they released the current dates. I imagine it will be early March before the June dates are released.

If only it was predictable. I’ve noticed in the past that it appears to be totally random.



I agree - totally random. Doesn’t it just make you want to find out who is in charge of posting the dates and gicing them a good lecture on consistency?


I feel your pain. I finally got sick of waiting for them and went with another airline for my past trip. They had flights up until 10/31. That helped my trip there, but not my way home. I just couldn’t hold out any more and booked with usairs. Hope you see those prices soon. :heart:





Still not there … tick tock, tick tock


I feel your pain! I totally screwed up a great deal through another airline.


Wow…looking at the start of this thread 3 weeks ago and up to today and its still the same…I looked at their website for the first time today and was surprised to see that June 9th stuff…odd


I like flying Southwest but I cant always wait until they release the dates. Have watched the slow release dates for about three years now. Decided on US Airways instead (hope they are still flying in April).


Just got the SW “ding fares” for this afternoon. My family of 4 can fly round trip to Orlando for $508 total round trip between now and Feb 28th. Last week when I checked it was over $900.00. What a great deal if I could only go!


As for “why won’t they cooperate?”, I always just assume it’s personal.

You know, there’s someone there watching your internet activity, knowing that you’re just WAITING and WAITING, and they’re just sitting back giggling and trying to make your life miserable.

Or maybe they just do that to me. :wink:


What happened?