Wi fi?


I’m staying at POP in March, does anyone know if they have FREE Wi Fi? I won’t pay for it, but I would love to download all my photos at the end of the day if I could. Thanks


Still $9.95/day if you want it in your resort room. I’ve heard mention, that the lobby area offers FREE wifi though.


Disney is really behind in this area, most hotels offer free wi fi these days. We could live w/o it but use it since it’s free at DVC resorts. I wouldn’t pay ten dollars a day for it since we really don’t use it that much and rarely actually need it.


thanks if anyone knows if the lobby has free wi fi let me know


it seems the less inexpensive hotels offer free wifi, but if you are staying at a luxury hotel, you need to pay the $10/day fee, particularly if the hotel is a business/convention hotel.

Disney is behind in the times, if would be good to offer it.


I don’t think Pop has free wifi.At least when we were there in September there wasn’t.


thanks no sense in lugging the computer down if i can’t use it


I agree with everyone else. POP does not have free WiFi in the rooms and as far as I know it does not have it in the lobby either. It would seem like in one of our several trips to POP we would have seen at least one person on a computer in the lobby if this were true.


I have never lugged my computer to disney. . . we have mobile phones, use those to communicate (email, text) and do pictures when I get home. though, on an extended vacation it would be nice.


I never have either, but I have a new phone (iphone) that takes better pictures than my camera and also has video…not sure how much I can store on it and wanted to download it each day to clear the memory. It is going to be a long trip and I take lots of pictures…and now that I have the ability to take videos…watch out!


My boyfriend brought his computer, he is a geek, and just attached the phone to his computer and used the Internet from off his phone… if you know how to tether your phone to your computer you will be golden.


If you don’t bring your computer then just email the pics to yourself, delete from your phone and deal with them when you get home. Granted that route can be time consuming but it’s one way to make room.


Remember, some phones can be used as a portal. Check w/ your provider and see if you can hook your phone to your laptop.
If you only have a certain # of hours, page views or MB per month a 1 time increase could be the way to go.


I think really its about time Disney got with it and provided wi-fi in all the hotels. Most other hotels now, even the smaller chains provide some sort of wi-fi and usually free too. I know the ethos is they dont want guests in rooms or lobbys when they could be out spending money in their parks, but most people’s lives now are beholden to some sort of web access and it is important they can connect if needed.
I know when we visit, I bring my Touch and research beforehand where I can access free Wifi in shopping malls, coffee places, etc as being such a long way from home with elderly parents on both sides I need to be in touch. International roaming charges for a cell phone can be astronomical so thats not really a great option for us.


Forgive me for not having an Iphone, but don’t they have memory cards? Couldn’t you just buy a few and switch them out as needed? We’ve got a bazillion SD cards here that was swap around the different cameras and clean them out onto portable hard drives, etc.


I’ll have to look into that, i’m not that techno savvy:confused:


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1060970]Remember, some phones can be used as a portal. Check w/ your provider and see if you can hook your phone to your laptop.
If you only have a certain # of hours, page views or MB per month a 1 time increase could be the way to go.[/QUOTE]

I didn’t think about not needing an internet connection…:huh::huh:


Disney has always lagged in this area.
They didn’t begin to offer high speed wired access until 2005 and it took a year for it to be rolled out into all of the hotels, despite my having high speed internet at home since 2000.
Before 2005, you had to dial up to your ISP and hope they had a local dial up number.
Even Wi Fi in lobbies seems to be an additional charge in WDW, good thing they provide CAT 5 network cables in the rooms so you don’t have to worry about bringing yours.
For the record, the Universal hotels also charge $9.95 a day for internet.
I’d say the rule of thumb is standard business traveler hotels offer free Internet while resort hotels will charge, if only to “enhance their revenue stream”.:nonono2:


If you have AT&T high speed internet access at home, you can use the wifi at McDonald’s for free. There is one right before you get to the All Star resorts. I don’t know how it works if you have another provider. I think it is pay per use.


No they dont have memory cards sadly. It just goes straight to the phone’s hard drive. I guess there would be a limit depending on the GB of the phone. You need to keep importing them to your computer to empty the photo folder/album.