Wi fi


Does WDW have WI FI anywhere? I mean, do the resorts have wi fi or do any of the parks have available wi fi? I tried a search but came up empty. Help please!:mickey:


I think some of the resorts may have WiFi in the lobby but it’s hit or miss. I think we used it at BC while waiting to be picked to go to the airport. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it in the parks.


Some of the areas of the parks do have wi-fi. HOWEVER, they are secured for special events, third parties, etc. Therefore, you have to have the proper passcode to log on.


I was wondering the same.
I did find this list someone made on another website, I don’t know if anyone can confirm these locations have free wifi?

EPCOT - In the Lotus Blossom Cafe which is just at the back of the Nine Dragons restaurant in China.The signal seems to be stronger near the back of the cafe, it’s called Warpdrive.

EPCOT - Innovations East (I believe Innovations West also has it now)

Downtown Disney - Inside Wolfgang Pucks Express

Downtown Disney - The cigar bar (Sosa Family Cigars) right next to Raglan Road, just opposite the Harley Davidson Shop. Pretty strong signal even outside the bar

Downtown Disney - Outside The House of Blues. There are a couple here

Beach Club Hotel - In the lobby and pool area

The Boardwalk - Around the area where you get the boat (Might be available in the Boardwalk hotel also)

Contemporary - Right outside the Fantasia shop on the same floor as Chef Mickeys

Coronado Springs - In the convention centre area.

The Apple Store at Florida Mall

Orlando International Airport, mainly around the shopping area

Maybe we can all find the free spots when we visit WDW and present a brand new up to date list for all future visitors and make this a permanent thread. I wish that there was free WI-FI in all the Disney rooms. That would be fantastic. But then again, not having it means my boys will not be tempted to take their laptops, and that’s a good thing :slight_smile:


In answer to the specific question, I think you can get Wi-Fi in most of the Disney rooms, but not free, I think you have to pay $9.95 for a 24 hour period from what I’ve read. Again, can anyone confirm this? I’m hoping to find a few free spots as above now and then.


Is this new? Most of our stays are DVC these days so I don’t pay attention to some of the news. If so it’s about time! In the past rooms have corded Internet but not wifi. DVC rooms still have the cord hanging in the closet for access.


I believe the rooms in all the hotels are still wired, not wireless.
If you are using Disney’s access points, it’s going to cost you $9.95 every 24 hours.
If your own ISP has service in the WDW area, that’s different. Example, AT&T is supposedly wi-fi all over Orlando (I guess all the major carriers are now because of their smart phones) so long as you have their network card.


Makes me happy I have broadband.


I dont think the rooms are wifi enabled but you can have internet access for a daily charge. Many areas off site are wifi enabled, Starbucks, Macdonalds etc and OIA has lots of wifi and battery charging points too.
If you have an Iphone or other smart phone then you could use your internet via that if you have to- although that may incur mega charges for us Brits abroad with international roaming charges.


I know that AKV have completely wifi, but when I stayed at CSR and CBR all you got was an ethernet cord for the rooms.


Disney must be one of the last places that gives free wi-fi. You can get it on planes, buses, many coffee shops and restaurants, hotels and other resorts in and outside the US. I know they want you roaming the parks spending money but a little free wi-fi to check flights or email would be nice!


Hi and welcome to Mousebuzz:happy:- you make a great point and one I totally agree with. The way we all live today being able to connect to the internet is of real importance- it is to us as international travellers. I know smart phones enable internet access, but again, for us, the international roaming charges are extremely high. Access to wifi would be a real boon at times.