Wide World of Sports


Can someone please tell me what kind of attractions and activities there is to do at wide world of sports complex?? Is it just a place to watch sporting events or are there activities to do for kids. I have two boy 12 & 9 that loves sports.

I went to the website to try to find a phone number and they have no phone numbers listed on the website. If someone can someone help me with that??

Hope someone can help me out!
Holly Lehmann[/FONT][/COLOR]


Hi, Holly! Welcome to DC, you have found a great place to talk about Disney.

I have never been to Disney’s WWoS. I have always thought it was just a restaurant and a sport complex. I haven’t heard there’s much more to do than the Richard Petty track, watch/play team sports, and eat. I am also interested to hear form people who have been there.


Hi :slight_smile:

Unless there is an event taking place while you visit, there is not much to do at WWoS. We have been there for lunch at AllStar Cafe in the past so my DH could catch a football game. The place was a ghost town.

They use to have something called the NFL experience or Quarterback Challenge but I am not sure it is even there anymore. As for the Richard Petty driving experience - that is not at the WWoS, it is over by the Magic Kingdom.

I think the WWoS is more fun if you are there to see a specific event (which they have alot) but it is quite an amazing complex in general for the sports lover.


I guess I just assumed it was there. Thanks for correcting that.


We went there last year.
Please call before you go to see if anything is going on. When we got there it was closed because they were “getting ready” for an event. We went with hopes of doing some of the interactive sports…I too do not know if they even offer those anymore.Still glad we got to check the place out.


Try the 800-407WDISNEY number