Wide World of Sports


Can someone tell me if there are activities to do there for kids??
I know you go there to watch sporting events, but is there anything else

Please advise,


Last year I know they had some interactive sports you could do there. Going through some football and baseball drills, things like that.
I don’t know if they are still offered, you may have to give them a call.


We were there a few years ago when DD’s select soccer team was in a tournament there and I recall that the NFL had an interactive attarction. But I don’t know if it was permamnet. To be truthful, unless you are there to particiapte or watch a sporting event, there’s not that much to do (except the All-Stars Restaurant is very good).


Thanks for the info. Yes, the website did not give much info on interactive events, so I kinda thought it would be to watch games. I guess I will not be attending the complex.

Thanks for everyone’s welcome, I am new to DC, and looking forward to planning out my trip, so when i get there I am not surprised with things. When you go to a place that is soo huge, sometimes it can turn into a bummer.



What were these football and baseball drills like?


My husband loved the WWofS. He got to relive his college football dreams and try tried to impress me and our daughter with his punt pass and kick skills. They have an obstacle course you go through(tires, pylons ending up pushing on one of those heavy sleds). Then they have a passing feature where you try to get the ball between two defenders,then there’s a machine that punts a ball to you and you have to catch it and run it back for a TD against a timer. (That kind of thing)