Wifi and dvc members


anyone have answers about wifi at WDW …I know internet at resorts is free for dvc members,but if I am not mistaken wifi is very hard to find …and my next question is why???maybe a couple of years ago that would have been OK,but today not so much


We had no trouble with it in SSR in Sept. Worked great!!


[QUOTE=evansfmly5;1021672]We had no trouble with it in SSR in Sept. Worked great!![/QUOTE]was it wifi or line …and has disney put hot spots around the world and at the parks …


I don’t remember plugging in so I’m gonna say it’s wi-fi.


The resort at Hilton Head Island has WiFi but the other resorts we’ve stayed at didn’t. Hopefully they will upgrade soon.


I would like to them have many hotspots in WDW like starbucks and mcdonalds etc. have now now that would be great ,my son says it is because of some internal infighting that it hasn’t happenned already,here in DLR it is available the park is lit but resort guests can only access it at the hotels…in the parks there is a signal but no access…