WiFi at Port Orleans Riverside?


Does POR have free wifi?


I don’t think it’s free. I believe that only DVC Resorts have free WiFi. But I’m not 100% sure.


Thank you. Is wifi available at any of the parks?


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But for the parks I have no clue about. Try looking on Disney’s website. Maybe they have some info.


Thank you so much. We have not been since 2005 and I was hoping that by now there wifi some where on property. Even if it is not free.


I’m pretty sure POR actually doesn’t even have WiFi for a fee… I think it’s High-Speed Internet access (you pay like $10/day) you have to have a cord for… I had the same problem at All-Stars and Saratoga Springs.


When I was at POR last May they had a cord by the phone and I’m most certain there was a fee


It’s hard to use the words FREE and DISNEY in the same sentence…lol…We stayed at POR in 07 and our friends used the in-room internet and there was a fee. I think it was 10 bucks.


All the resorts have WIRED high speed Internet service available at a cost of $10 for 24 contiguous hours. Network cables are usually in every room, but I travel with my own.
There are some common areas of some deluxe resorts that have WIRELESS, or WiFi service, but this is also at a $10 charge.
If you are already paying Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T for wireless Internet service, that is something different, and Disney is not involved.


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I am confused, is it true the DVC resorts have wifi free?


Here’s the info that All Ears has posted about WiFi property wide, and it isn’t free:

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi is available to those staying at certain Disney resorts. If your laptop computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is Wi-Fi enabled, you’ll be able to access the internet from the common areas of these resorts.

Fee: $4.99 for the first 60 minutes or $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. The vendor that provides this Wi-Fi service, Smart City, will bill you using a secure credit card transaction via the on-screen internet connection.

Requirements: a wireless interface card installed on your device. These are available for purchase in each resort’s business center.


Beach Club

Main Lobby
Stone Harbor Club Concierge Lounge
Stormalong Bay Pool Area


Convention Center Hallways/Common Areas
Main Lobby
Luna Park Swimming Pool Area
Inn Keepers Club Concierge Lounge
Bellevue Lounge


Main Lobby
Tower Club 14th Floor Concierge Lounge
Outer Rim Bar
1st Floor Convention Center Lobby
2nd Floor Convention Center Lobby
Main Pool

Coronado Springs

Main Hotel Lobby
Convention Center Lobby area
The Dig Site Pool
Francisco's Lounge


Lobby Bar
Outside at Cabana Grill (near pool)

Ft. Wilderness

Reception Outpost Internet Cafe
Meadows Trading Post
Crockett's Tavern

Grand Floridian

1st Floor Lobby area including Garden View Lounge
Convention Center Lobby area
Royal Palm Club 4th Floor Concierge area


Wi-Fi in the lobby area across from the Business Center Desk through a separate vendor that charges per minute or through a longer-time plan. Ask at the hotel's Business Center for details.

Yacht Club

Main Lobby area
Regatta Club Concierge Lounge
Convention Center Lobby area
Stormalong Bay Pool

NOTE: Disney Vacation Club Members have “free” wired broadband internet access when staying in a Disney Vacation Club Resort on points. (This perk began in January 2008.)


dvc members get internet service free…on dvc properties… ,but it is hard wired …I believe WIFI is not available but I can confirm that from my son tomorrow…he knows as much about disney technical stuff as anybody…so I will fill you in tomorrow on the wifi…internet service I believe is also available but at a cost at all the other non dvc resorts


As I posted earlier, DVC members get their wired high speed internet in DVC resorts for free, but only when staying on points.
I posted a list of Wi-Fi hot spots and noted that it will cost $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. These hot spots are not in the rooms, although you might get lucky enough and get some weak overlapping coverage, and you will pay.