Does anyone know if All Star Movies provides free Wifi or any inernet?


I hope this helps

In-Room High Speed Internet Access
Wi-Fi Access
Reader Reports

In-Room High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

Availability: All Disney resorts should now have in-room High-Speed Internet Access. WDW Swan and Dolphin also have high-speed internet access in their rooms.

Fee: $9.95 for a contiguous 24 hour period at Walt Disney World resorts. The WDW Swan and Dolphin charge $10.95 for 24 contiguous hours.

Requirements: A Local Area Network (LAN) cable, or in-room connection. Fort Wilderness Preferred Camp Sites - visit the Front Desk to receive the necessary Modem kit. A $125 refundable deposit is required.

Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by touching 56 from any Disney resort room or house phone.

Other Information:

If you do not want or can not use the in-room HISA, you have several other options. You may use regular dial-up in the room (check for telephone charges), use wireless connections (see below for details) or visit a resort with a business center (convention hotels).

Only one device can be plugged into the HSIA terminal at a time.

Some rooms have cables in the closet. Some rooms have cables connected to the modem.


Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi is available to those staying at certain Disney resorts. If your laptop computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is Wi-Fi enabled, you’ll be able to access the internet from the common areas of these resorts.

Fee: $4.99 for the first 60 minutes or $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. The vendor that provides this Wi-Fi service, Smart City, will bill you using a secure credit card transaction via the on-screen internet connection.

Requirements: a wireless interface card installed on your device. These are available for purchase in each resort’s business center.


Beach Club

Main Lobby
Stone Harbor Club Concierge Lounge
Stormalong Bay Pool Area


Convention Center Hallways/Common Areas
Main Lobby
Luna Park Swimming Pool Area
Inn Keepers Club Concierge Lounge
Bellevue Lounge


Main Lobby
Tower Club 14th Floor Concierge Lounge
Outer Rim Bar (near Concourse Steakhouse)
1st Floor Convention Center Lobby
2nd Floor Convention Center Lobby
Main Pool

Coronado Springs

Main Hotel Lobby
Convention Center Lobby area
The Dig Site Pool
Francisco's Lounge


Lobby Bar
Outside at Cabana Grill (near pool)

Grand Floridian

1st Floor Lobby area including Garden View Lounge
Convention Center Lobby area
Royal Palm Club 4th Floor Concierge area

Yacht Club

Main Lobby area
Regatta Club Concierge Lounge
Convention Center Lobby area
Stormalong Bay Pool

Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling the vendor, Smart City, at their help desk: 407-938-HELP.

WDW Swan also offers Wi-Fi in the lobby area across from the Business Center Desk through a separate vendor that charges per minute or through a longer-time plan. Ask at the hotel’s Business Center for details.


Not for free!! It’s wired through your laptop’s network port. It helps if you’ve got your own cable, but there should be one in your room in case. Cost is $10 for a contiguous 24 hour period.


Nope…nothing is free.


i really wish WDW would give this service for free! i mean, starbucks and mcdonalds give it for free for pete’s sake!!

oh well…i’ll be ok without it for a week!!


Your righ nothing free in Disney. We are leaving tomorrow Dana see u there. My counter is wrong.


well they do give you those little shampoos…thats’ free sorta…lol see you there.


I am worried about my daughter’s phone, then, because it has an automatic WiFi option – if she’s sittingh in a Starbuck’s, the call goes WiFi instead of the regular phone service way (whatever that is… I am not a telephone geek).

So does that mean that if her phone snags a WiFi channel for a call, that we will get a huge bill sometime from somewhere for the service???

I can’t even imagine where the bill would come from for a WiFi connection, anyway.


As someone who lives for free outside office access I can tell you Free wi-fi is hard to come by.

Mickey Ds and Starbucks ARE NOT FREE. Both require you to pay to get past their splash screen. Starbucks works with T-Mobile. You need to sign up with them. McDonald’s charges too and their locations are limited. Panera bread is the savior of all out of office sales people. they do have free service but it can be fickle at times.

Most hotels do have Internet access if you are their guest and that is were I think Disney is tacking advantage of me.
I do however feel better knowing Swan Dolphin charges a buc more!:laugh:


There is no free WiFi in the resorts unfortunately. Although, I was going to write a letter about it b/c I did receive free WiFi in my room at the Disneyland Hotel, and at the Grand Californian so I can’t understand why WDW just doesn’t offer it.

There is however an internet cafe of sorts in DtD, and I think the computers in the business centers of the Boardwalk, Contemporary, Coronado Springs, etc. have computers with internet.


Soap too! And coffee if you are at a moderate!


Yeah, and I give it free to my guests, little ol’ me :cool:


The internet cafe is in Disney quest and is pay as you go.

Computers at the Business center are also pay as you go and very expensive.
They will charge you a fee just to print something out. If you need something like say, seat assignment on southwest some people have reported that the front desk will do that for you at no charge.

I think the difference between DL and WDW is 2 fold when comparing Internet charges.
One is of course location. You can stay right outside the gates of DL and not have that much of a disadvantage.
But I think the main reason might be the fact that Disney is the provider for communications on property. Now you are thinking “then it should be cheaper right?” Well unfortunately or fortunately depending on you preferred theory of economics, all Disney resorts, parks restaurants etc. run independently with separate budgets and profits. Their expenses dictate their costs to their customers. Being all the same company I am sure they need to justify their asking price and of course there are internal check and balances but that is the simple version.
Now the phone company and cable provider for Lake Buena Vista can be found near PORS. If you are ever want to find it to file a complaint, it is located on Untied Telephone Service Dr. off of N. Bonnet Creek Rd. on the left if you are coming off Vista Blvd. (side note: one of the first phone companies in the country to use the 911 emergency system)
To illustrate my point check out this line from a resent article from the Orlando Sentinel

With Disney’s blessing, Reedy Creek has informed the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office that it intends to override the property-tax rollback that state lawmakers imposed on local governments during a June special session.
No tax cut for Disney’s district – OrlandoSentinel.com

If Reedy Creek cuts taxes they will have to cut services and Disney doesn’t want to rearrange all the budgets and have to find ways to balance it all out so they are just leaving it alone. All the hotels and parks pay taxes for the services of Reedy Creek. Even though Disney owns Reedy Creek. See how it works

Back to the inter-net thing
So if you have a budget to meet and a profit to show and your only customers are Disney hotels, parks and Offices, are you going to give out any services? Of course not. Now the Hotel could give it out but they would have to absorb the cost in their budget. Remember the checks and balances. Each hotel can only charge so much per night per category meaning value, mod, and deluxe, they would have to make that money up some how. If free inter-net some how could pay for it’s self then we would get it.

Keep in mind that everything I just typed up is based on what little I know on how the internal budgeting works at the mouse house so I could be full of…well, lets call it “protein”.

If my theory is correct (and I believe it is) that would explain why Disney Hotels are the only hotels on the planet charging for inter-net service.
Now in the case of DL they get there phone service just like everybody else and can easily work the cost into a room stay.
WDW can not.


The WDW hotels aren’t even close to being the only hotels in Orlando that charge for internet, let alone the planet.


OK you got me.:redface:

That wasn’t meant to be taken that literally.
I used to do a lot of traveling for work and would bet my house that more hotels have free Internet than don’t.
A quick Google Search Yielded:
Results 1 - 10 of about 20,500,000 for free internet in orlando area hotels. (0.15 seconds


Yeah but 20,000,000 of them are in Disney threads asking if or why it isn’t. 400,000 are round robin links in other databases to the 100 hotels that do offer free internet.
Take my word, I checked all the links.

It’s been my experience that destination resorts are more likely to still be charging a premium for high speed access. I did stay at a hotel right across the street from Kings Island that offered free wireless wifi and the hotels on property at Cedar Point might not have been offering anything for free.
But you don’t get a free breakfast at Disney resorts like you do at Comfort Inn either.


WiFi is free in a lot of places around here in upstate NY. There’s usually a poster or some sort of flyer saying so. We were eating at a diner a few weeks ago and i noticed on the wall a piece of paper advertising FREE WiFi connection. Sure enough, i set my T-mobile Dash to WiFi connection and it instantly picked up the signal. Of course, T-Mobile uses their own network (albeit much slower), so you are never too far away from the internet. Two things, if you aren’t asked for a credit card or you don’t have to stick a cable in the wall, it’s probably free.
Wireless is pretty much like it says. If you bring a laptop to a cafe, pop it open and you can surf, it’s free. If you have to stick a network cable into a plug at the airport you are probably paying. It all comes down to the equipment you have.

I’ve used Hot Spots and WiFi for years and never paid a cent.


Who needs internet when you’re in WDW?! Who has time for internet?! LOL And pay for it? No way. Maybe if it were free, I’d come post a few pics. Sorry, you all won’t be hearing from me over the 8 days we’re there. :slight_smile:


Really? Well here in Savannah, GA it costs… You can go to some of the downtown squares to get it free… But, like everything at Disney, everything but rain and sunshine have a price tag.


Here in Missouri/Kansas (I’m right on the border), lots of eateries have free WiFi, like Panera. I rarely use it but that’s because I’m home during the day so I just use my wireless. I’m shocked that more areas don’t have free WiFi in public places. I figured if places like Kansas City had it, that any other major city would too.