So Im wondering if I should bring my laptop or not???

Is there free WIFI??

Im staying at CSR.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I heard there is in the lobbies, but in the rooms it’s $9.95 for a 24-hour period


I haven’t checked it out, but the free wifi in the lobbies sound iffy. Some resorts may have it, others do not. I’ve never checked it out in detail because with DVC, we don’t have to pay. If not for that, I’d wouldn’t have brought my own.


From what I understand, this is a no. Especially in the rooms. It seems kinda lame to me. I just stayed in a little hotel for a cheer comp in Lake City and they offered free wifi.


In the past 5 years I’ve gone to WDW resorts and DL resorts and when we first started going we were not DVC members so yes you do have to pay $9.95 for a 24 hour period for the wifi and even that some of the resorts do not have wireless in the rooms and you have to connect in with an ethernet port. However, Jo-Jo is right once I became a DVC member going to vacation club resorts you do not have to pay for wifi. Although the first time I was a bit confused cause it does ask you if you to confirm the charges but they remove them at the front desk, and I was told this was for the Non DVC guests that are staying at the hotel.


You have to pay for the WIFI.


Just what I thought! BOOOOO!!!

Disney needs to get with the program, I stay at cheap hotels and they offer it!


So we are renting points at OKW Thanksgiving week, will internet access be free?


That scared me too. After a couple of days, I went down to the front desk to ask for a print out of charges just to be sure.


I swear when I read the title of this thread I think it says “Wtf?”


[QUOTE=Erin;1054537]I swear when I read the title of this thread I think it says “Wtf?”

Thats what it SHOULD say! Haha
You def. coming next Sat? doing a jig dance