Wild Africa Trek


Wow this sounds really neat.

In secluded pockets throughout the forests and savannahs of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, designers are crafting an experience unlike any other to be found in the theme park.

Among them, a three-hour African jungle trek in which small groups will pick their way through wooded overgrowth, peer over a cliff at a pool of hippos, cross a rickety bridge above Nile crocodiles, and dine in a safari-style camp where the gazelles are nearly close enough to touch.

But the experience won’t come cheap. Disney, which began accepting reservations Friday for tours that will begin in January, eventually plans to charge $189 a person for the tours, on top of the basic park admission.

Disney’s “Wild Africa Trek” is among the latest projects to sprout from an industry-wide effort by theme parks to develop attractions for guests who want intimate, personalized experiences — and are willing to pay a premium for them.

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That sounds exciting to me. It is rather expensive but I would bet that the food will be included.


Sounds really interesting- a little pricey but I guess for the length of time, the experience of being up close and personal with the animals… and dinner- then it’s not too bad.


Sounds very cool:)


This sounds very exciting! It just gives us another excuse to plan another trip.


Sign me up!
I’m sure a meal is included and I would not be surprised if there’s a video personalized for your group, a special pin, and maybe even a tee shirt.
I’m not joking. Every tour I’ve been on has its own exclusive pin and Dolphins in Depth has the tee shirt and group video, and a couple tours have food. All tours offer beverages and usually snacks.


I am SO excited for this! It’s really going to be an experience like no other.


that sounds so cool :smile: