Wild Africa Trek


We are going to try the Wild Africa Trek on our next trip in late November. Has anyone been on this tour yet and if so what did you think about it?


I have not done this yet, but will in about 13 days. Maybe 14.

I’ll be sure to let everyone know.


We saw the new catwalk, bus landing and viewing stations while there last week. It’s rather pricey so I hope it’s worth it.


I went! It was AMAZING. Definitely worth the money. I would do it again in a heartbeat (if I had time to save up :laugh:). November will be a great time to do it since the weather will be cooler.

The guides are great and really make you feel like you’re in Africa on an adventure. We got a photo CD with pictures taken by the guides during our trek and we got a delicious “tasting” of African-inspired food. There are some spectacular views you could never, ever get from just riding Kilimanjaro Safaris. Check out how close we got to the crocodiles!


It is wonderful that I expect.


I saw the new foot bridges from the safari route.
We should be taking the trek next year.


How cool is THAT?!

We’re going Saturday and I am totally stoked… :cool:


Thanks for the report! We’ll be there in less than a month. Can’t wait.


It was very cool, indeed. Be ready to do some trekking through the woods. The information as detailed and on point. The views were amazing. Worth every penny I ponied up. Those crocs are HUGE!