Wild pics from Test Track!


As promised, here are some crazy pics from Test Track I bet most of you have never seen… because it was wild for me to see them, and I ride TT about a zillion times each trip!

DD, DS and their friends were on the loop when TT had one of its many fabled breakdowns. Probably everyone has been jarred hard by those stops before inside the building, and I have always wondered what that must feel like when you’re at 60 mph outside and the thing breaks down!

Well, their car was smelling like burning rubber when they hit the crash door and about the time they got going really fast on the loop, it STOPPED! Really fast, but DD said not hard enough to hurt anyone at all.

So they sat there (for a pretty long time at that bizarre angle!), smelling burned rubber, until a couple of CMs walked out onto the track, lifted the hood, made some repairs and sent them on their way.

I thought I had trained DD to ask for a FP when it seemed appropriate, and I thought this was an occasion when it might have been appropriate to say, “Hey, our loop was ruined… can we go again?” But she didn’t. Sigh.

Anyway… Here is a crazy pic of the CM walking on the track – you can really see the angle of the bank! And another of the car with its hood open.


wow…all I can say.:laugh:definately never seen that happen before.:laugh:


Very cool pictures!


Great pics!:laugh: EXACTLY the same thing happened to us. In the rain - I guess the solar power had run out! Fortunately my husband was on the bottom of the sandwich. If he had been on top.:pinch: We sat for about five minutes, til they came and got us.


Eeeek! Creepy!


Crazy Crazy!


THATS INSANE! :laugh::laugh: haha but great pics


definitely a FP request moment!


Wow, pretty cool thing to see. Thanks for posting these pics!


hold on tight! it’s the bumpiest ride in the wilderness! (sorry wrong ride but it works everywhere!)


I second that!


Being on the bottom of the sandwich would be PAINFUL! When they came to get you, did you get out of the car on the track, or did they fix the car well enough to advance it into the building?