"Wilderness Explorers" Game Testing at DAK


From wdwmagic:

A new [B]‘Wilderness Explorers’ game[/B] has been play testing in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom over the last couple of days. Based on elements of the Disney-Pixar movie “Up” including the character of Russell, the gameplay takes elements from the existing “Kid’s Discovery Clubs” and a “Kim Possible”-type experience. So far it has been a limited test, with perhaps a view to it becoming a permanent addition to the park. This addition comes at a time when Disney are adding an interactive game to the Magic Kingdom called “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom”. Imagineers began the concept of in-park games with the addition of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Epcot back in in 2008.

As a former Kids Discovery Club guide, I would love to know how this new game is fitting in with the KDCs! Did anyone happen to see the game in progress or have any more info about it?


This kind of thing will be fun, but I’m not sure my kids will do it every time we go. They liked the KP thing at Epcot, but didn’t want to do it after the 1st time and are iffy about doing it this trip. I think this and the MK thing look neat though!


could be great in both MK and AK… as it is in EPCOT… It causes virtually no interference with other rides, and kids love it!


I think this is WONDERFUL…My DDs are going to love it (and I will too)


yeah it’s amazing, i love it :flowers: