Wilderness Lodge 9 nights, 3 people $1950 Net


OK Here goes.

I had a 8 night WL vacation booked in August (See WL vs FW Thread). This was at discount rate.

Then I saw the $750 Gift card offer was extended through 8/14.

I used the website to get an estimate for the 9 nights (I had to add a night). It came to $3129, net 2379 after the gift card.

Now it gets tricky.

I book a 5 night Wilderness Lodge stay with the $750 gift card and 9 day tickets for the three of us -$2000.

I book a separate reservation for 4 nights at WL with the 35% off rate -$700.

Thats 2700 - 750= $1950 Net. I saved $430 just for splitting up the stay with no loss in benefits.

Hopefully this strategy helps some others.


Couldn’t you have just done the 9 nights at 40% off at $1810 or did your dates fall outside of the time limit?


Yes but this got me the Tickets as well, easily another $700 or more for the three of us.


Ahhh, not bad then. Congrats!!! This is the year of the deal, I am convinced of that.


holy smokes that was good work, bribren. Congrats.


Smart thinking!! congrats to you on your savings!


Wow - that’s a great saving! Congratulations!


That is a heck deal.
Good job!


Wow. $72.25 a person per day for room and tix. Outstanding. And WL on top of it all. Great planning tip.


Awesome thinking! I don’t think I would have thought of splitting the reservation to take advantage of both deals.


That’s a great savings. Sometimes a little thought can save a lot of money!

Last year we were going for two weeks and wanted to take advantage of the Buy4Get3 deal. So we split the two weeks into two ressies but filled up our first ressie with 10 day tickets. Then on the second ressie we just bought a one day ticket (mandatory for the dining plan), saved the difference of the cost of more park passes, and continued to just use the first ressie pass for our tickets.
I can’t quite remember what the overall savings was, but there were 7 of us, so overall it was substatial.


Excellent work! Genius really.


Love your clever thinking! Excellent deal.


How awesome!! Have a great time!:laugh:


Wohoo! I hope I get a good deal as well… Very well done.


Wow…I’m impressed! Good for you to think of such a great way to save money. Please feel free to share any other ways you have concocted to save money:)


Genius! Pure genius!!! I’m about to try this with the GF and see if it works out!


Will you have to switch rooms, though?


The agent said normally you won’t. Notify them at check in, and again the night before. I will have to check in at the desk that day to get the cards changed, but I can put the remaining park tix on the new cards.

The other perk here is I just opted for the base tickets. I’ll add the water park for my kids with the $750 gift card.