Wilderness Lodge and OKW


Hello!! I am doing my online check in and the option of room location is coming up. I have never stayed at Wilderness Lodge and it’s been a long time since I have stayed at OKW. Can anyone recommend a good location at either resort?


For Old Key West, ask for “near Hospitality House” That way you can get easily to food, boats, etc. As far as Wilderness Lodge, only stayed there once on the DVC side, and it was facing (very closely) woods. Didn’t use the balcony too much, but we were able to hear the water parade music from there. The trees were blocking the view though.

Have a wonderful trip!!! Looking forward to a TR when you get back!


At the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, I do not think the location of your room really matters much since it is so small. At OKW, we always ask to be on Miller’s Road. That is the road to the right when you get to the 1st 4 way intersection. That way, it is impossible to be too far from the front desk (the road is not that long).


Even in the main lodge at WL, it’s not too bad regardless of where your room is.
But you will pay more for pool view. We usually go with woods view.
Remember, it’s all one building.