Wilderness Lodge Concierge Offerings


Hi everyone! Just curious if anyone has stayed concierge at Wilderness Lodge recently and could post a list of the offerings, particularly the evening ones. We are thinking about upgrading to CL for our trip in August. Looking forward to everyone’s responses.


You will find pictures and reviews of the concierge experience over on Deb’s page allears.net

Wilderness Lodge Concierge Page


Hours of Service
Coffee Service… …6:30am-10:00pm
Continental Breakfast…7:3 0am-10:30am
Snacks & Refreshments…11: 30am-4:00pm
Wine & Cheese Selections…5:00pm-7:00pm
Cordials & Desserts…8 :00pm-10:00pm

The following items are just an example of the offerings:

Continental Breakfast: (each day, was the same)
*Blueberry and Chocolate Chip muffins (the mini kind…not full sized)
*Bagels (mini kind) flavors were: sesame, plain, poppy seed. A toaster was available as was cream cheese, butter, jelly, and peanut butter
*4 cereals, Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops and Cheerios
*A pastry, usually filled with apple or stawberry
*Coffee, different kinds of tea, hot cocoa, chocolate milk, white milk, orange and apple juice
Snacks & Refreshments: (each day the same)

  • Gummy Bears
  • Nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate Chip/Sugar Cookies
    Also…an assortment of sodas and juices was available in the fridge.
    Wine & Cheese Selections-Evening Appetizers: Each day there was bread, butter, cheeses, vegetables and dip, crackers and those PB&J Uncrustables.
    Each day the following would change.:
    Day 1 (Wednesday)
  • Soup-Hearty Vegetable
  • Appetizers-Buffalo Chili
    Day 2 (Thursday)
  • Soup-Cream
    *Appetizers-Sausage Dish
    Day 3 (Friday)
  • Soup-Potato Cheese
  • Appetizer-Salmon Pot Pie
    Day 4 (Saturday)
  • Soup-Hearty Vegetable
  • Appetizer-Pulled Pork
    Evening Desserts:
    Each night there were brownies, cookies and magic cookie bars…and one hot dessert. It would vary…between apple crisp and a blackberry/blueberry cobbler type dish. Very delicious.

Sounds too good to pass up Mike!