Wilderness Lodge in December(First Trip to Disney World)


This will be my first trip ever to Disney World(I am a 30 something mom and wife who has never in her whole life been to Disney World). We have decided to stay at the Wilderness Lodge during December 2 - 9 this year. I picked the Wilderness Lodge based on all the comments I have seen about how wonderful it is. Can anyone suggest which rooms in the Courtyard View would be good and which ones to avoid. Also, will Wilderness Lodge have internet access in the rooms or does it have it already? This will also be my daughters first trip to Disney(she will be one month shy of 5 when we go). Is the Wilderness Lodge a good place to stay with one this age? Also, what is the weather like during that time and can we take a boat to the Wilderness campground? My daughter wants to go to the petting zoo and take a pony ride while we are there and I would like to take a trail ride myself.
Any tips or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Headed to Wilderness Lodge December 2-9 2006.


Welcome to Disney CEntral and congrats on your trip. You have come to the best place for help with plans. Wilderness lodge is an excellent choice for a first time resort. It has a boat launch that will take you to the magic kingdom where I am betting you are going to be spending a lot of time with a child that age. The petting zoo and pony rides are at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds near the Wilderness lodge. You can take a boat from the lodge to there.


I never stayed at the WL, I just wanted to say WELCOME to DC! You will love WDW.


Just a note to say WELCOME!!! You’re gonna LOVE WDW!!!


Thank You for the Welcome. I was able to call Wilderness Lodge and get an answer to my internet question. They said that they do have high speed internet access in the rooms(all I have to say is thank goodness, now my hubby will not go thru internet withdrawals(LOL), although I doubt seriously he will have a lot of time to surf the net as I am sure we will be busy in the Magic Kingdom as well as the other Disney Parks.


Welcome to DC!! Like Dana said, you’ve come to the right place.

And, you’ve chosen a great resort to stay at, not to mention a nice week to go to WDW.

Don’t forget to try out WL’s two wonderful restaurants. Whispering Canyon Cafe, for a fun, family atmosphere, and Artist Point, for a more upscale fine dining experience.

Be forewarned though. After your very first trip to WDW, you may very well become an addict, just ask any of us here!


Hi Tami, and welcome! There are going to be quite a few of us in WDW that week. My family will also be at WL 12/3-12/9, and there are some others staying at other resorts! I am an out and out Disney addict, so as time gets closer, I’ll be doing more research on WL for my own trip, as we’ve never stayed there before. I would suggest buying the “Unofficial Guide” book, which has a ton of info, not just on resorts, but the parks too. I found it to be an invaluable tool on our last trip! Enjoy DC, it’s a wonderful place!


Welcome to DC…
You will just love the Wilderness Lodge. It is truly a beautiful Lodge. We stayed at the Lodge when our girls were younger. I remember them loving the bunk beds. Of course, they argued to who was going to get the top, but it all worked out. Oh , to have them little again… We have 3 daughters. Two married, and our youngest is 28 years old, not married yet… Guess what?? Our middle daughter , and youngest will be coming back with us to DW this May. And I wouldn’t have it any other way… JoAnn :flowers: :mickey:


Welcome to DC! You will love the Wilderness Lodge. We have stayed there twice (two boys, ages 9 & 5 now) and they absolutely loved the resort as well. The boat ride to the Magic Kingdom is a pleasure! Early December is a great time to visit too!


WL is my favorite resort. I think your 5 year old will love it! As for the weather, it’s very unpredictable in Dec. Could be 80 degrees, could be 40 degrees, so you kinda have to plan for a range of temp.
Have fun planning and welcome to DC!


Hi and welcome to DC!!

You sure can take a quick boat ride or walk right over to the Fort Wilderness campground from the Wilderness Lodge, it’s right next door.

The only courtyard rooms I would suggest staying away from would be the ones on the 6th floor. The balconies on the 6th floor have solid walls, so you have to stand up to enjoy the view.

You picked the perfect resort for you first stay!


WL is a perfect choice! It is a truly stunning resort. I have never stayed in December but I hear it is lovely. I think it is very much like January ( when I have stayed) where you have beautiful sunny days although it can be quite cool.
I can promise you that you will have no worries by the time your vacation comes round…everyone here at DC is great and will help you every step of the way.

Welcome to our little family…you will love it!


Welcome to DisneyCentral!

WL is our favorite resort, you are going to love being there during the holidays, the lobby is even more beautiful.

There are 2 courtyard views, one of the main pool and one of the villas. We like the inner courtyard veiw/main pool the best. We were lucky enough to get a room in the “Bear face” our first stay at WL, it’s at the bottom of the “U” shape. We walked out of our room and over looked the beautiful lobby and had a view of the pool and the lake.

Our son was 5 the first time we stayed at WL and he loved it. I think it’s just the homey feeling WL has.

You can take either boat to Fort Wilderness. There is a small boat the runs between WL, FW, and CR. There is also a larger launch that runs between WL, FW, and MK. Depending on where the boat came from you may have to ride it all the way around the loop to get to FW but you will know by watching the direction the boat comes from. You can always ask the boat captain when you board just to be sure.