Wilderness Lodge in January!


We’ve decided that for our January trip we’re going to stay at the Wilderness Lodge! I’m persuading my dad to pay for woods view, because I don’t want to look at the parking lot (a complimentary courtyard view upgrade would be so nice, but I won’t hold my breath, even though this is my birthday trip). Someone suggested rooms 6022-6032; does anyone else have any suggestions? Which rooms have the balconies with railings you can’t see out of when you’re sitting down? We don’t want those. Also, what’s the deal with rooms that overlook the lobby? Do they have outside balconies too? I’ve visited the resort before and I just love it.

Also, we’re hoping for (counting on) AP rates for when we go. When booking two rooms with the AP discount, do they both have to be in the name of the person with the AP? I need to make a reservation for my parents and I in one room and my boyfriend in another (because my parents are terribly old-fashioned). My boyfriend would be paying separate from us and would need his confirmation sent to him, not me. I’ve never had to book more than one room with the AP discount, so I don’t know how it works.


I think if you are using an AP discount, both rooms have to be reserved in the same name, unless your BF has an AP also.


You must have the room in the person’s name who has the AP. If you have one too, put the room in your name for your DBF. If not, Dad will have to put it in his and him and DBF will have to work it out. WL is excellent! I was blessed with a courtyard upgrade when I stayed there in Oct. of 2002. It was 5???. I can’t remember the exact room. When you check in, simply ask if an upgrade is available. In January, it’s very possible you will get one for free. It never hurts to ask. I went last January and got an upgrade to a savannah room at the AKL and never even asked for it. I wasn’t complaining either…lol


Thanks for clearing up the AP situation, Dana. I’m going to be the one making the reservations (I have the AP; it’s actually my dad who doesn’t have one!), so I guess my boyfriend’s reservation will have to go in my name too. It isn’t the end of the world, I suppose. He’s going to have to show me the money before I make the reservation anyhow (nobody’s loaning out any money here; he’s gotta have the hotel money in hand or I’m not making him a reservation :fork_off:). I think I’m going to ask for a courtyard upgrade at check-in. It won’t hurt, and maybe if I mention my birthday some miracle will happen. We got a complimentary upgrade to a better view at the Caribbean Beach in February 2003, which was nice.


We just got back last week and stayed at the WL. Enjoy your stay!!! We just loved it!!!

Our room overlooked the lobby and we had a balcony (Woods View), but it was a solid wall balcony.

The Whispering Canyon Restaurant is a must do!!!

Enjoy your stay!


Just a suggestion. It may be cheaper to get a Jr. suit room which has a seperate bedroom with a door for privacy that has two full size beds. The living room has a pullout bed in the sofa where you BF could sleep. There is still only one bathroom.


When we stayed there, we were given a complimentary pool/courtyard view at check in. Tell them it’s your birthday and if they have the space, they’ll probably do it. It doesn’t hurt that you’re an AP holder.
Happy Birthday and good luck. It’s a beautiful resort. If you have time, rent some Water Mice and play around Seven Seas Lagoon…very fun.


My room was 5147…I looked it up in my old passporter from that trip. The view was perfect from there. I was blessed with the pool/courtyard and the pagent on the lagoon at night…all viewable from my balcony…perfect!