Wilderness Lodge or Beach Club


I am planning a trip for January for most of my family. There will be about 12-14 going and we will be staying in at the dvc villas. I love, love, love the theming at Wilderness Lodge, but I love the location of Beach Club. I am torn on which resort to book. I have stayed at WL before but never BC. My mom loves Epcot so I know that she would enjoy just walking into the park. My dad would think the theming at Wilderness was awesome. So If you had the choice which way would you go? Also I have been looking for square footage for studios and 2 bedroom villas at both, so if anyone knows I would appriciate the info! Thanks!


I have stayed at both.

I would pick the BC for this type of trip.
Since there are so many in your party, I think that being close to 2 parks and the Boardwalk would help out.


This is a really, really tough choice. Frankly, I think those two resorts are among the most impressive and desirable places to stay! OK let me think for a moment…

OK, here’s what I came up with. If your mom would really benefit from BCV’s perfect location, book it. And then take the family over to WLV for dinner and an evening of touring the property. That way, you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of WL, but get the location benefits of BCV…


I dont know the square footage but here is a couple links to some great pictures of suites, 1&2 bedrooms… Looks like their standard rooms are approximately 340 sq. ft. These links are from suitedisney.

WLV…VWL Studio

BC…Beach Club


Beach Club!! :happy:


I would say BC for the location. Location is more important than theme hands down. Centrally located resorts are more beneficial to large groups cause they have access to SO much more and in a quicker time. WLV, while beautifully themed, are kinda out there…you only have boat access to MK…everything else is bus and if my memory serves me correct, not the fastest buses in the world either.


You picked our 2 favorite resorts. We love the theme of WL but the location of BC wins out every time with us. Being able to walk to Epcot and take the boat to MGM is such a time saver. I love watching IllumiNations and knowing we don’t have to fight the crowds at all, we just walk out of the park and we are at our resort in minutes.

Really, you will enjoy both and not be sorry either way.


VWL Studio = 356 sq ft
VWL 1-BR = 727 sq ft
VWL 2-BR = 1080 sq ft

BCV Studio = 365 sq ft
BCV 1-BR = 726 sq ft
BCV 2-BR = 1083 sq ft


heehee, DVC Mike is full of information, I love it.

I had trouble too deciding which one of these two to stay in. Until I found out that WL was not on the list of resorts for the land/sea trip.

WL is so close to the MK and only a boatride away, can’t beat that.
BC is so close to Epcot and Boardwalk, Studios, etc. It’s a tough decision.

Let us know what you decided


The rooms at the Beach are a little larger than at the WL. However, WL is a good $100 or more a night less than Beach, Yacht, or Boardwalk, which all have the same rates.


Beach Club - it offers so many more options for a group your size.




Tough call as I’ve stayed at neither but I would say BC! Not only location but you have a great pool and BEACHES and CREAM!!!


um… WL!!! :whistling


I’ve never stayed at either, but from the photos I would go with BC! how beautiful! We are planning to eat at Cape May Cafe in September, I can’t wait to walk the grounds whilst we are there!



Wow, tough choice!
I pick Beach Club because of your group mix, and because of the pool :slight_smile:


Once you go Beach Club, it’s hard to go else where. (at least for us!) :mickey:


We love the Beach Club. It is so fun.