Wilderness Lodge Picnic Cruise?!?


Somehow, I’m less than a month away from making the ADR’s for our March 2007 trip. :blink:

While searching through PScalculator.net, I noticed a listing for a Picnic Cruise at Wilderness Lodge. My wife was all over that.

I’ve tried to do some research… but this is the best (and about the only) thing that I’ve found:

Picnic Cruise - Afternoon cruise on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. Included is a picnic lunch of salads, sandwiches, chips, sodas and cookies. Cost is approximately $175.00 for up to four people, $200.00 for up to six people and $230.00 for up to eight people. Boat operator included.

Has anyone heard anything about this? Any extra info?




Hey there Bruce! I haven’t ever heard of that one. I was going to suggest the MK wishes cruise. They have a package where you can get sandwiches and all that (at least they did). My thoughts are if you are going to spend the money for the cruise, you should at least get a wishes view. Did you look it up on allears.net? Deb usually has all the info…that should be able to help. So, what ADRs are you guys going to go for?


Howdy Dana… there’s nothing on Allears. Weird.

Right now… very tentatively… we’ve got:

Nine Dragons
50’s Prime Time
Hollywood & Vine
Liberty Tree
Garden Grill
Artist Point
CRT (if we can)
Coral Reef (maybe)

It seems to be a mix of a few first times and a few places we haven’t tried in several years.



You got some good ones there!


Wow I’ve never heard of that picnic cruise before, it sounds like a lot of fun!!

Quite a bit of $$ though…will you have a car on WDW property? I was thinking you could pick up some groceries for your own picnic and then rent one of the boats for an hour. Might save some moola, but be just as fun!

P.S. Your other ADR choices look great Bruce!


Thanks dznygrl. We will be making a grocery stop (or having groceries delivered). It would certainly be cheaper, but I’m sure that the boat operator would probably be very entertaining and knowledgeable.

My wife is going to call and ask about it. If I find out anything, I’ll post it here.