Wilderness lodge renovations


Have I been under a rock? Just found out WL is doing renovations. Does anyone have pictures?


The renovation are for WL and SSR. SSR is going first, they haven’t touched WL yet and it’s not scheduled for this year. Not sure where you got this info at, but it’s incorrect according to allears. She has every single rehab listed. WL is also her favorite resort, so I am pretty sure that one wouldn’t have slipper her mind. Here is the link…Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World

Link goes all the way until May 2013.

Fort Wilderness has several parking lot redo’s going on, but there is no info on WL.


Thank goodnes they’re refurbing SSR! It was looking downright shabby last year! I would think that they would start with the older sections first.


Found this online…but to me it means that they have filed papers to renovate…probably isn’t on an official list yet…

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Saratoga Springs Resort Renovations - TouringPlans.com Blog | TouringPlans.com Blog


I found reviews on trip advisor saying that 5th floor was being worked on. Some other site said new doors and white duvets with new Bambi throws. needed leather in the headboards.


Wilderness lodge renovation - INTERCOT Boards


Here’s a link to some pictures of the new rooms.

Disney’s WILDERNESS LODGE and VILLAS Information Thread ~2011~ - Page 205 - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com


Funny how soon SSR is in need of refurb.
It isn’t even open 10 years.

With WL, is this going to be the whole resort, or just the villas?


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1114768]Funny how soon SSR is in need of refurb.
It isn’t even open 10 years.

With WL, is this going to be the whole resort, or just the villas?[/QUOTE]

I think just the lodge based on the information on other boards. I’m surprised, I thought the rooms at WL were redone less than 10 years ago- not fully but new headboards, carpet, and curtains.


…they were—in 2006—according to info I found—I thought I had come upon pictures of the current renovation then realized it was from 2006!!!



Edit: saw pictures of “new” WL room and can say that this isn’t a major refurb, more like a light refresh. Headboards, furniture, and sinks are all basically the same. Mostly just new soft goods. The TVs were all replaced with HD LCDs perhaps 5 years ago now.


Not sure but it looked like new tile in the showers and maybe sink area.


Disney is not listing that as being one of the resort that are currently undergoing a rehab. SSR and many others are listed, but WL is not on the list. I am going to go with the official site.


We may never know until someone actually goes and reports back—I volunteer to leave tomorrow----(she says as she passes the hat!!!) :smile:


I volunteer to leave with you…just in case you need someone to double check the room.:tongue:




Driving or flying??


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:----hate driving—but I’m beginning to hate flying just as much----


If you’re driving pick me up on I-95 in SC. I’ll bring the camera and munchies and adult beverages.:laugh:


I’m on board for checking it out in person, I’ll meet you all there. I’m just going by the live reports and pics on Disboards but first hand knowledge is always best so I think we need to check it out.