Wilderness Lodge tips?


Hi everyone!

A week from today I will be checking in to the Wilderness Lodge for 4 nights of Disney holiday fun! I can’t wait.

I have never stayed at WL (though I have visited many times) so I’d love some tips and hints of things to do around the resort. We are only doing a little bit of park time so we’ll have a lot of time for resort exploring in our short trip.

We already plan to eat lunch at Whispering Canyon on our MVMCP day and we are heading over to Fort Wilderness for a Sleigh Ride one night.

Hope everyone is having a magical holiday season!


Take the boat to the MK- usually it is quick. Its a fun way to see the MK from the water…Enjoy it- it is a great resort…


Have a great time! We arrive one day before you - but staying at All Star Sports this time.


I agree, always use the boat to go to the MK. It offers direct service and drops you closer to the park gates than the bus.
Other than that, just wander around the property and follow the “river” from the lobby to the pool.


I agree, take the boat. Check out the electric water parade from the boat dock at the resort. When we were there in 2008 they had cookie decorating at the counter service restaurant, that was fun and a nice treat!!


Hey I’m going to be there next week also! Although not at WLV. It’s very relaxing to walk around at night. They have movies right on the beach.


Hi Karen,
We stay at WL every trip now. You will have a very nice time. We usually go around this time of year, but we went earlier this year for Mardi Gras. We are so missing not being there right now, or at least planning for a trip. WL just seems like the place to be during the Christmas season. You are going to really enjoy it.

We ate dinner at Whispering Canyon once, and it was okay. The food is decent enough. The chocolate milkshake is the staple,and it is a good milkshake(didn’t rock my world). Don’t get the house wine! Breakfast is great though. We usually get breakfast at Roaring fork because it’s quick and it makes better use of the dinning plan, but we really enjoy sitting down at Whispering Canyon for breakfast if we are not pressed for time and just relaxing.

Dinner at Artist Point is very nice. Last time we went, we asked the waitress about the wines, and we ended up being treated to a taste of every wine they had to offer that didn’t have to be uncorked. We literally had two tables jammed with wine glasses. I kind of felt embarrassed because the wait staff kept bringing more and more to try. Anyway, the big tip here is to talk to the wait staff and ask them questions. They know what is good and we had the whole wait staff stopping by our table to help. Also, we found that going later in the night gets you the dinning room mostly empty and the staff really attended to you. The menu isn’t stellar but there are some must get’s. The Smokey Portabella Soup, the Signature Field Greens salad, and the Artisanal Cheese Selection. The Plank Salmon was phenomenal one time and terrible two times. I wouldn’t take the chance again.

We also found that having a late nightcap at the bar can be really enjoyable. Last time we arrived too late to be seated at Artist Point so we sat in the bar. They have really comfy seats to one side and we were the only ones there. Our then 8yr old daughter fell asleep in the big chair and my wife and I had a bottle of wine with almost every appetizer on Artist Point’s menu. The very nice barkeep enlightened us that while they don’t offer the entre’s we could order any appetizer on the menu. We went to our room full.

The pools are very nice at night. The hottub is never really over crowded.

When you check in, try to make sure you don’t have a room close to where the boat dock is located. While it didn’t keep us up, the boat horns could be a nuisance to a light sleeper.

At night, enjoy the fire place and the big tree. We like to sit and people watch sometimes. On our first trip there, we were waiting for our seats at Whispering Canyon and there was the most incredible choir singing Christmas carols in front of the tree. There were families there with kids in pj’s sitting by the fire. It really was a surreal scene to hear the music and see the kids all so behaved and mesmerized by the music.

There’s much more but you will figure it out. Definitely get the Smokey Portabella soup, and oh yeah, take the boat to MK.

Sorry for being so long winded.


Thank you all so much for your tips! I can’t wait to stay at the WL. Now I just have to pack. LOL