Wilderness Lodge Transportation?


I’ve noticed a lot of ya’ll have stayed at the WL before. How do you like it? We are going to try to go back to DW for a week in December this year, and are considering staying there. Is it decorated for Christmas?

Also, I know that a bus takes you to MK (how often does that run? how long does it take?) One of the guidebooks says one of WL’s flaws is that there is not much DIRECT transportation. Do you have to make different stops on the buses? Like if I’m going to MGM, how would I get there?

Thanks for all of your help, as always!


WL is one of my favorite resorts. It is absolutely beautiful. I am almost positive that it will be decorated for Christmas. Do not hesitate to stay here.
I stayed here a few years back, so forgive me for not remembering the times it takes on the buses to get to different parks, but I do remember that the rides were not bad. WL has a bus as well as a ferry boat to MK. The boat ride is rather nice. There are buses to the other parks as well. All of the buses will have the destination on the front of the bus. Just get on the one for your place of the day and you will be fine. It is quite an easy transportation system. We have yet to experience any unusual wait times or problems with the buses. Maybe we have just been lucky…


First of all, the Christmas decorations at WL are awesome form what I have seen. I haven’t been lucky enough to go during that time but the pictures look beautiful.

The transportation is great. We had no problems waiting on any type of transportation. As you have read, some is not direct, that means the bus or boat may stop at another resort before going to a park. That wasn’t a problem and didn’t take more than a few minutes. You can get to MK by either bus or launch, I recommend the launch, the ride is so relaxing. I haven’t taken the bus from WL to MK so I can’t tell you how long it would take, maybe 10 minutes total. The boat ride is about the same, 10 minutes if you don’t have to stop at FW first.

Disney will tell you the bus or boat will come every 15-20 minutes, that’s right on if not a little long. We only waited longer once in 8 days, I think that’s pretty good.


As previously mentioned, WL only has the bus system or the boat launch. However, the themeing and atmosphere of this resort is wonderful and even more enjoyable during the holiday season.


We were there during Christmas. It is decorated very nicely. The decor is woodsy/rustic/cabin-like. Although I do think it is overpriced, (referring to that time of year) and personally could not categorize it as a “deluxe.” But we had fun staying there.

We took the boat launch to the MK gate. It was very fast and very easy. It drops you off literally steps from the main gate and the lauch dock at the WL is just beyond the pool. We were there during the busiest week of the year and our waits both there and back were just a couple of minutes at most. I do believe they have two boats going back and forth at all times.


I have stayed at WL several times and it is my absolute favorite! The transportation is not a problem. Take the boat to the MK, it’s a nice ride! The buses may go to FW before going to the park, and I think one goes to the GF, but not sure which one.
At Christmas the WL is gorgeuous! Hopefully I will be gong in early Dec.!!


Just to let you know… recently Disney added DIRECT service between MK and WL.


This is all great news as we’ll be there in July!


we liked taking the boat from the WL to the Contemporary and then walked to the MK. we like the path and the Contemporary.


we took the boat to the MK, then hopped the monorail to the ttc and then went to EPCOT. it works great when it is not too crowded- plus you get to ride the monorail!


We stayed at the Wildy in January and the Christmas decorations were still up. They were beautiful and the music was great too. There is a boat launch to the Magic Kingdom, and also a launch to the Contemporary and Ft. Wilderness. You will have to take a boat everywhere else. I think the Epcot and MGM busses share with Ft. Wilderness and the Animal Kingdom and DTD busses share with the Grand Floridian. Something like that, anyhow. :slight_smile:


Transportation is fine at WL. You take the boat to MK and the buses to everything else. We love this resort.


Goofy3–you are SOOOOO going to love WL. The Christmas decorations appear overnight as if by…MAGIC!! Make sure you have lots of film 'cause you’ll be snapping away like crazy! As for transportation, we always take the launch to MK, and the buses to everywhere else–never had to wait too long. The electrical water pageant passes by the lodge in the evenings–too much fun. Oh Golly Ned, I JUST can’t wait to get back there in September!!!


Is this going to be like AKL? When we stayed at AKL we found out that AKL is on its own. They dont share their buses with any other resort.
Im assuming thats what you mean by this. If thats the case this would be great. Although we have never stayed at WL yet we did take the bus from the MK over to the WL cause we had a PS for WC. The boat ride was so nice.


Hmm…last time we were there we took one bus from WL to our destinations–did not have to do any transfer dances.


WL does share some bus routes with other resorts. I have heard the bus between the MK and WL is direct but many of the other routes stop at FW before or after loading at WL. When we were there 2 years ago one bus route (I don’t remember which one) was shared between WL and GF.


Thats not too bad… I love the fact that you can take the boat over to the MK and then hop on the monorail to head to Epcot if you want.


The launch between WL and the MK is so easy…why take the bus? Because then it takes you to the parking lot of MK where you’ve got to take a boat ANYWAY to get to the main gate…right?


Im confused… From what I remember the boat from WL took you right by the front entrance to the MK. The boat launch was right in the middle and the Monorail was on your left as your come off the boat…


I’m not talking about the launch from the WL…if you were to take the bus (not the boat) from WL to the MK, where does the bus drop you off? How do you get to the main gate from the bus, because the bus doesn’t go to the main gate. See my point? Only the boat or the monorail can take you directly to the main gate. The bus can’t.