Wilderness Lodge vs. Fort Wilderness Cabins or split


I have a trip planned this August, to take advantage of the 35% off rates.
Trip is planned for 8 nights at Wilderness lodge, but I’m considering the cabins.

Here are some of my thoughts, I’d like some opinions please.

Me and two boys, 8 and 6 would like alot of the things Fort Wilderness has. I camped there 5 or 6 times, but always had a car. I don’t know if I want to take a bus to the pool.

Maybe I’ll rent a car. Last year we stayed at POP, and what a pleasure it was to drive. It made the whole trip to be able to jump in the van and be at Blizzard beach 10 minutes later.

Pools at WL are closer, but seem crowded. My kids are great swimmers, but I like to keep an eye on them.

Or do I split 4 and 4?

or do I simply walk over to FW for the resort stuff like the campfire and be content at WL.

Price seems to be very similar.



I have never been interested in staying at the cabins, but WL seems flawless!


I don’t think you can walk from FW to Wilderness Lodge anymore. I really liked the cabins but I would pick the lodge just for comfort. The beds in the cabins aren’t as comfortable as the beds at the Lodge and the transportation is much better at the Lodge. You can always hop on a boat to FW for the activities there.


I vote for the lodge as well, just seems a lot more comfy.


Lodge. As others have said FW is only a boat ride away. Unless you are looking for more room than your WL ressie provides.


Is that a new thing? I was sort of hoping to try the super-scary hike through the forest one night!


I lilke the idea of you and the boys at the cabins…just rent the car. The transportation reviews I have read for Fw haven’t been all to good.


My husband and I did this super-scary hike last summer. TRUST ME…its scary. It was dark, the trail was never ending and there were strange noises.

My vote is to pick the lodge and stay there!!! or if you want to do the movie on the beach thing…don’t walk or walk at your own risk and don’t say you weren’t warned:)


Ask the boys? Which would they like? If it’s FW - I’d definitely rent a car.


Just an FYI, FW had a separate pool area for the cabins, although the pool with the water slide is a bus ride away. I think you can’t go wrong with either resort and I kind of like the idea of splitting the trip between the two.


I say WL. Its so amazing. If the path to FW is not around anymore , you can still take the boat I think. Only way to vote for the cabins is if you need the kitchen. We have had better luck at the quiet pool as apposed to the main one. Let the boys play at the main pool and if it gets to crazy switch to the quiet one.


eventhough FW is one of my fav, I would def gp for WL, its more comfy.