Wilderness Lodge


Pros??? Cons??? for a family of three: Myself, DH 33 and DS 3 (at the time of travel).

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


WL is beautiful! If you haven’t seen it you are in for a treat when you walk through the front doors for the first time. The rooms are on the small side for a deluxe resort but we have never felt crowded in our room, not even close. You are close to MK, just a 5 minute bus ride or a relaxing 10 minute boat ride. The resort is small but even when it’s fully booked it’s so quiet and relaxing, grab a chair and take a few minutes to enjoy the lobby.


HB & I call it ‘home’! We just love staying there! It is a fun place to explore and don’t forget to ask about being the flag family when you register!


all pro’s no con’s for me…its just my favorite resort hands down


Re-visited it last year - and fell in love. Gorgeous resort! (although I still maintain the rooms are too small for four - with 3 you’re good to go!)


We hope to go back next year and are also thinking about WL. How small are the rooms in comparison to a moderate like CSR or CBR, where we stayed this year and last (2 adults, 2 kids).

I also read somewhere, I think on allearsnet, that someone thought the queen beds were not as big as a real queen bed. Is that true?


The rooms are bigger than most of the mods, 340 sq ft compared to 314 (all but CBR). Three people will have plenty of room at WL. I thought the queen beds were the typical size, I can’t do a double bed with my DH–he’s a bed hog.


That is actually something that I love about POFQ so that is a definate pro for me.

I love POFQ but I want to step it up to a deluxe for my next trip and I love camping etc so I am really leaning towards this resort.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Lisa :mickey:


I have all PRO’S when it comes to this resort.
We stayed there last year (3 of us) and the room was big and we had a walk out balcony too!!! The hotel is sooo gorgeous!!! My DD loved the geyser, we didnt get to do flag family, they were all booked up but we all loved this hotel so much!!!
And another thing, your son will love the boat ride to the MK!!! It also goes to the contemporary and FW.

Ohh and she loved the pool and jacuzzi too! :happy:

the only con i had was the food court which is being rennovated!!! It was on the small size, I hope it’s bigger now! That was my only gripe. But then again we didnt eat there much.
Oh another pro, is the Whispering Canyon cafe right in the hotel lobby!! That restaurant was a blast!!!
You guys will LOVE IT!!! :heart:

I hope you guys stay there!


We stayed there for 9 days in Feb. and we loved every minute of it. It is a beautiful resort and they have a great pool. DH and DD went in almost every night, (IN FEB) they just couldn’t resist. The cms were great and it so close to MK, which is probably where you will be spending a lot of time ! PLus, the rooms are getting rehabs so they will be even more beautiful than they are now!


Pros - very convienent to the MK - excellent pool area, and kiddie pool for the little one, nice shady areas to relax, boating on bay lake

Cons - none that I cam think of


I thought the resort: the lobby, the grounds and the pool were all lovely. I wasn’t impressed with the rooms at all. I thought they were dark, cramped and not decorated all that great, and I must have banged my shin on the bed at least 5 or 6 times!! (it sticks out in a hidden way beneath the bedspread)

But certainly, the resort is still a wonderful place to be and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Since there are only 2 of us, the room size really isn’t an issue and we don’t stay in the room too much anyway!! We take our showers on Splash Mt. LOL!!


Wilderness Lodge is at the TOP of my "I-Haven’t-Stayed-There-Yet-But-Someday-I-Will List!!!


I think it’s a wonderful resort, especially if you’re going in the winter.

If I were pressed to come up with a con, it would be that, of the deluxe resorts (and WL is priced in that range), it’s least convenient to the parks. Unlike the Bay Lake deluxes, it’s not a monorail resort, and unlike Boardwalk and AKR, it’s not within walking distance of any of the parks. Personally, I didn’t care for the boat to MK the time we stayed there.

But, again, that’s if I was pushed to find a con, I’d certainly recommend the resort.


I’ve stayed three times and would go again in a heartbeat. It’s my favorite resort. We’ve never had any problems with transportation, love Artist Point and Whispering Canyon. This place makes me feel at “home”.


We stayed there, DH, DD who was 4 at the time and myself. Room size was fine, did not have any problems. The resort is very well themed/decorated. The lobby area has a lot of places to sit and relax. The pool is great.

My only complaint is transportation. Yes it boat to the MK is nice, but IMO time consuming. If you want to go to any of the other monrail resorts, it is time consuming. I also felt the bus service was so so.

Would I stay there again- yes, but given the option of any of the other MK resorts I would stay at the Poly or the Contemporary.


The food court is no bigger since the rehab, but they fit more tables into the seating area and put a few out in the indoor hallway. It’s still a sub-par food court in my opinion.


I will agree with this, not the best food court.


I have to say that hearing that the food court is basically the only con that really does not bother me. I mean, does WDW really have any food that is not sub-par from one of their food courts?

Lisa :mickey: