Wilderness lodge


Can you please give me advice or tips? I have been to WDW a million times, but never stayed there. Thanks!


WL is beautiful, it’s one of our favorite resorts. When you check in you can ask about being the flag family and help raise the lodge flags one morning. It’s pretty popular so it fills up quickly so it’s just luck if you get to do it.

What view did you book? We love the main courtyard view, it so relaxing to sit out looking at the pool and Bay Lake. The lobby is a nice place to sit and relax while people watching.


We did a first time visit to WL 2/6/11. This is one of the resorts with the least desirable transportation. Most of the other resorts seemed to have more bus traffic, but not this one. We also encountered boat training while we were there. A handful of families missed their ADR because we waited and waited for the boats to get over to MK or Contemporary. Every time a boat showed up at the dock, the driver was in training and we couldn’t get on it.

Take all the decor in while you are there! Lots to absorb. Take note of all the animal carvings in the woodwork. Beautiful resort. We sat for a few at the very large fireplace in the lobby and loved it. If you take the busses the majority of the time, be sure to take a boat over to MK or Contemporary at least once. You’ll enjoy it. The waterway does go over the road that leads to Contemporary and Magic Kingdom. Yep, the water that goes over the road.

We are DVC members so we didn’t stay in the main lodge, we stayed out back. Everything went fine for us, we just aren’t fans of the transportation at that particular resort.


Here are a few more to get you excited…


I am not a camp out kind of girl, but I loved this resort!!! It was fun to get to the MK, and then we had buses for the rest of everything else… It was fun, and the kids liked it a lot…


Same here. I will not camp-ever-but I love WL.


It is without a doubt our favorite. That goes for both the main lodge and the DVC lodge. We enjoy it because it is off the beaten path that the resort is pure peace and quiet from the excitement in the parks.

We have never had a transportation problem. Buses are always frequent and the boats run regularly. Just watch the boat schedule. There are some direct between MK and WL all day long and others that reverse the course mid day. The route was WL, MK, CR, FW, WL in the AM. Then it went WL, FW, CR, MK, WL in the PM.

If you have time for a relaxing afternoon rent bikes from WL and ride the path back to FW and spend time in FW. We spent 5 relaxing hours last trip.

When you check in remember to have everyone rub Humphry’s nose. Humphry is the bear at the bottom of the totem pole w/ Mickey, Donald and Goofy just to the left of the check in desk. It is said that rubbing Humphry’s nose will bring you good luck during your trip.


You all are so helpful. Thank you so much!


We stayed there last summer. One note, it is HUGE. LOL. We were on the 5th floor, allllllllll the way down to the right at the corner with a pool view. It was a great room, we had a fantastic pool view and could actually even see the fireworks over the lodge at night.

You will love this resort, we did! Great place. It isn’t the Poly, but by far our second favorite.


We haven’t either. I don’t like sharing buses with other resorts but it’s not enough of an issue to keep us away from a beautiful resort.


You really need to explore the lobby. There are many hidden seating and viewing areas on several floors.
Look for li’l Old Faithful and marvel at the way the “stream” starts in the lobby and then flows to the pool.
Those are some things.


We have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge once and I would definately do it again. We stayed at the new Bay Lake Tower last year…and I honestly would have rather been at WL. (Yes, loved the convenience of the monorail)…but BLT didn’t seem to grab us. It could have been a hotel in anywhere, US. Wilderness Lodge was charming and grand at the same time. We had a room that overlooked the lobby…it was nice to go out to the hall to the rocking chairs that looked down on everything for morning coffee. Loved the boat ride to the MK. Buses could have been more timely to other locations. Pool could be bigger…can tend to seem crowded at most times. But there is nothing like coming “home” to WL at night, it glows! Love it.


Oh this is by far my favorite resort thus far (stay at Beach Club next Dec so we’ll see if it can top WL)!!! I’ve always described it as, when you walk in you feel like it should be snowing outside. It’s so cozy and intimate but doesn’t feel busy or crowded. My only “compaint” is the pool. I got really used to having multiple pools/quite pools when I was visiting Disney as a kid and staying at CBR. Our first trip to WL we were really disappointed at how busy the main pool is and we decided to return to CBR for the next trip so we could have a quiet pool all to ourselves. :laugh: Now, my own family doesn’t swim much because of the ages of our kids (toddler and infant at a pool=mom heart attack) and we tend to go when it’s a bit cooler and we just don’t swim if it’s cooler than 90.

Anyway, I’m rambling. You’ll love WL. It’s lovely. DH’s reaction to his first stay there 2 years ago was, “I can’t imagine ever going back to a moderate resort.” He said Beach Club and Poly would be the only ones he’d really want to try.


I havn’t stayed there but I do listen to the WDW Radio podcast and the latest ep has a lot to do with Wilderness Lodge, the history behind it, features etc and it was a great listen! Give it a go!


My advice: ENJOY this resort…might be our favorite!!! (we have never had any transportation issues…buses were prompt, though shared at times. And, we love the boat service to CR and to MK.)


I love this resort! The theming may be the best on property, and it just has a great feel to it. The restaurants are terrific(I eat at Whispering Canyon every trip). I also enjoy the launch to the MK–it’s a really relaxing way to get there! I’m trying the Contemporary this trip, but I would stay at Wilderness anytime!


You are going to love love love this resort from the awe moment when you first check in, to the comfortable bed you come home to after a long day at the park. I particularly loved the location of our room, it was only a two minute walk to the boat headed for MK, the pool was right outside our door, laundry was just down the hall along with the counter service restaurant. If your back is to the pool it would be located on the right side, all the way toward the end. I would put a room request in to the reservations asking for this type of location again.

Most definitely have dinner at Whispering Canyon but make reservations ahead of time… we didn’t so we had to wait two hours for a table. The food is great and the service is fun… make sure to have someone in your party ask for ketchup! Really funny.

The electric water parade is a nice treat at night along with the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. We walked over to the neighbor resort Fort Wilderness and watched both from the beach. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Hope this helps and you have a great trip.