Wilderness lodge


Can any one tell me what the difference is between a regular room with a woods view @wilderness lodge and a deluxe studio? Besides $100? Lol


A regular room is located in the WL facing woods and the Deluxe Studio is at Wilderness Lodge Villas and has a kitchenette and is a bit bigger than a regular room if I am not mistaken. Totally different animals.


Because the studios are part of the DVC, they are situated in the Villas Building, to the right of WL. Instead of having two beds, like a regular room, they have a queen-size bed and a queen-size pull-out sofa. I found the regular rooms at WL a little dark for my taste. The studios seem lighter and brighter.


Hmmm. Well i think we will stay at the normal WL. The extra room and pullout sofa doesnt really matter. Thnx guys


Going to go ahead and agree with you on the lighting in those rooms - it’s dark. AKL has the same dark lighting…both gorgeous hotels regardless.


The villas are the adjoining building to the right. Better location for bus stop but further from ferry.

Staying in a DVC resort/wing, it’s almost always much cheaper to rent points for the stay.


I haven’t stayed at a deluxe room in yrs, but I think they have a mini-fridge and a coffee maker. DVC room has a slightly bigger fridge, coffee maker, microwave and toaster. So depending on what you plan to eat (or not) in your room can make a difference.

To add to Richard’s thought, yes it’s usually cheaper to rent points for a room, but I believe when you pay cash for a dvc room you get the room cleaned every day. When you rent/use points, you get limited housekeeping. Some people like coming back to fresh towels and a made bed everyday, we like knowing we can come back anytime and not worry if the room is finished or not.


It’s mood lighting, unlike the anti crime lighting used in the value resort rooms:cool:

It does also help to open the heavy curtains all the way and if you feel the need for some privacy, just use the gauzy curtains.
It also isn’t as dark if you are on the south side of the north finger overlooking the courtyard and pool.
But if you ever want to have a chance of seeing the MK from a room on the sixth floor, you’re going to have to “suffer” through woods view from the north finger.


All mod and deluxe resort guest rooms come equipped with mini fridge and coffee maker. The values are slated to get fridges as standard equipment very soon and correct me if I’m wrong, but they currently have 4 cup coffee makers.
More important is the inclusion of in room safes regardless of resort tier.

A microwave and toaster are not must haves for us. In fact, if I were to decide I wanted to do some cooking, I’d automatically have to go for a one bedroom DVC villa because they have full sized kitchens and appliances.
That’s just my feeling.


Thanks guys! All our dining is paid for, and I’m on vacation. No cooking for me lol. We currently have woods view & I think that’s perfect. My boyfriend keeps our apartment like a cave so I’m sure the lighting won’t be an issue. Thanks