Wildwood reminded me of Disney


Rob and I visited Wildwood for a couple of days this week to meet up with some friends. On Thursday, we were heading over to his friend’s motel when he spotted Mickey on the Ticker at the convention center. tonight, radio disney is having a concert with Raven Symone. i was happy to see mickey up on that ticker smiling away.

later that night, we had dinner at this place called Urie’s that reminded me of the Beach Club. when we were seated, the restaurant was playing the instrumental music to “A Whole New World.” i was on my way to the bathroom and the other side of the restaurant reminded me of 1900 Park Fare.

yesterday, we had breakfast on the boardwalk at the Doo Woop Diner that reminded me of 50’s Prime Time Cafe. only minor details, but still. it was nice to remember 50’s PTC. then, while on the boardwalk, one arcade was playing a disney song that escapes my mind right now. throughout the day, i heard other disney songs, too, like “The Tiki Room” and that Lou Bega song that you hear while waiting for Fantasmic.

While we visited Cape May for a while, one of those bed and breakfast places looked sort of like the GF.

is this some sort of sign that we must go to Disney and soon? i don’t get it.


If Wildwood is reminding you of WDW, then you defiantely need a trip there. I got an email from morey’s pier about the radion disney thingy. They sold out…were you guys able to see it?


no. the concert is tonight and rob has to work. we didn’t know about the concert until we were down there anyway. and i don’t think raven symone is rob’s cup of tea. i really don’t know much of her music. i only know maybe two songs.

oh dana, believe you me, i would love to book a trip right now to Disney. that day will come again in the future when we’ll go back.


I can’t imagine her being rob’s cup of tea either. I don’t know any of her songs…lol

I hope you get a trip to WDW real soon!


I love Wildwood! We took trips there every summer.


I love Wildwood and Cape may. My sister has a house in Wildwood Crest so we get down there often. Urie’s is a fun place to do happy hour at on their deck over looking the back bay, enjoying the sunset while drinking a Bloody Mary. I will be there for the July 4th weekend, which is my kick off for our upcoming Disney trip.


This thread made me so happy :happy: - I live at the jersey shore! Did you know that Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ is the elephant featured in the sitting area/ lobby of the Beach Club in WDW?? It is up on the mantle over the fire place - just a bit of jersey/ disney trivia! :heart:

Lucy in WDW:

Lucy in Margate, NJ:

New Jersey is the only state honored by two resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida. The Beach Club Resort is modeled after the Victorian shore towns along the Jersey Coast and includes the Cape May Cafe’… The Boardwalk Resort across the lagoon from the Beach Club is modeled after the many boardwalks along the Jersey Shore, in particular Atlantic City.

My mom is from Margate and I spent many a day walking thorugh Lucy - in my family, we all have Lucy tee-shirts and I even have my little Lucy stuffed animal from when I was a kid.


no, i did not know that. i never heard of Margate, NJ until we passed the exit. i heard of Margate, FL though cause rob applied to that department and the psychologist screwed him royally of getting the job there. :nonono2: :mad: i don’t even recall see lucy the elephant in the BC. that goes to show how much I pay attention to the small things in my surroundings.


Oh how I “love those Wildwood days” I grew up going to the shore for two weeks every summer. We stayed at the same place on 23rd street. We usually take a long weekend and stay in Cape May but always get to the boards at least twice. My Family can’t have a summer with out a slice of Mac’s pizza or Douglas’s fudge.


we didn’t get to try mac’s pizza or douglass’s fudge. we did try and buy fudge from the original fudge kitchen. it’s good stuff!


I agree, Mac’s Pizza is the absolute best! :wub:


I love Wildwood also. Its so much fun, but if it is reminding you of Disney, You need to go to Disney, LOL!!


I just wanna say… “watch the tram car please!”


We are a Cape May family too, slist! I am not really crazy about Wildwood… maybe I need to give it another try!


While we visited Cape May for a while, one of those bed and breakfast places looked sort of like the GF.

You know you’re a fanatic when WDWorld is the frame of reference for things in the “real” world.