Will call EPCOT


Question - where is the will call window at the main entrance at EPCOT?


If you mean by a customer service type window (ticket replacement, ticket purchase, etc) then yes. It’s a little off to the side, around a corner, and I’m going to venture to say it’s to the left of the entrance.


Isn’t it on the right side if you are outside the park?


If its still there…it should be on the right side as you approach the entrance…


Yes when we used it to collect our AP upgrades it was to the right of the entrance Tigger.


Compared to the other parks its very easy to miss.


Right by the big ball !!! … Your Welcome !!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Yes. As you go through security, you find it to your right. It’s a pretty good sized building


I don’t know. Maybe to the right?


Lemming :ph34r:


It is to the right just after security I believe.


sauerkraut eater :pirate:


Hey! I resemble that remark :pirate:




Are you talking about where you go for the tours? That building is on your left.


I believe there are actually three Guest Services in Epcot. One is a blue building that you can access to the far right the minute you pass security or the ticket booths (just can’t picture exactly where). Then there is one near the ball, on the left side of it. Then one at International Gateway in the back.