Will changing dates effect my free dining?


I booked my trip way back in Aug 2010 for Aug 23 to Sept 5 2011

We have just come to realize that Aug 21 to Sept 4 would work alot better for us, does anyone know that is I make this chage if it will effect my free dining? OR will my reservation stay the same and just the dates change because I am keeping the majority of the same days?


You should be able to keep your free dining as long as the days fall in the original offer dates.
I changes my dates late last year and they were able to change it but they had to look up the code because the offer had ended and it was a bit of a hassle. But it could be done.


So I changed my days no problem and saved myself a whole $12, lol, thats 2 whole frozen cokes!!! I did however get kicked off the line after being on hold for 8 mins. It rand told me the line was having difficulties and then hung up on me. I had to go through the whole automated thing again which was annoying but no waiting this time and the Disney rep was so nice!!!

So we will be at Disney Aug 21 to Sept 3 now, leaving home Aug 19th for the 20hr drive!!! Yay road trip, well unless flight prices drop!


Saving is always great! You got to keep your free dining?


I was a total idiot the other day… I was looking at flights through Southwest and it was
$89 going down and $119 coming home… but when I when I searched I never bothered to put it for 4 people, just one and when I went back to change it to four the prices had gone up to $119 going and $178 coming home!!! I just about crapped myself! Maybe two minutes tops and they went up that much??? So I’m watching and they are coming back down a little bit but not enough to make me happy!


Tuesday afternoon is the best time to search for flights. Keep checking. They usually drop between 12:00 to 3:00. As seats fill up the price goes up so check early and check often.


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1066852]Saving is always great! You got to keep your free dining?

Yes I got to keep my free dining!!!


I had to do the same thing with our trip! This is what the cast member told me…as long as one of your days falls on the “special” you can get it for the entire vaca! Whoo Hooo!