Will The Magical Express still be there?


I didn’t know where to post this so I figure this would be ok. Does anyone know if the Magical Express buses will be ending after the Happiest Celebration at WDW is over? My next trip probably won’t be a year from now and I know the Happiest Celebration will be over by then. I really hope they keep them because having them around causes less stress for the people I go with for getting the luggage, finding a cab etc…


DME renewed their contract with the airport through 2011 but there is nothing in it about staying free. It looks like Disney sees the value in it and it’s sticking around for now.


When we booked our trip for December '06 the service was still free…but we did book it in January, so I don’t know if anything has changed.


Well #1)new buses are on there way to Orlando
2)GPS video system are been instaled in all busses
3)Wheelchairs and emergency ramps are been set on all busses
i think they are here for a while dont you think
Plus the service just turned 1yr old and i have the Tshirt to prove it :laugh:


GPS video!? Whatever in the world for?


Wow so it really sounds like it’s here to stay. Cool. I don’t know if I could justify paying for it though.

If DME stays free I may want to take advantage of it just to save some $$, but if I was going to spend anything I think it would be worth it to pay about $100 for a towncar. The door-to-door personalized convenience would be worth it to me.


well on the DME busses there is a video shown to guest from and to the airport and it has always been on a DVD some drivers some times dont remember to play it so Disney is doing the GPS satelite thing the movie starts playing as soon the bus hits road 417 .The satelite knows when the bus is at certain position and auto starts and stops to and from the airport.
Did that give you any insight?? :flowers:


Our bus driver was having problems with ours - OK our bus driver was a problem too! But on the way to WDW we watched Mickey telling us good-bye and he hoped we had a great time. :laugh: