Will these passes expire?


OK, so, we have booked the free dining package. To get that “free” dining we had to get a one day pass for each of us even though we will not be using them, since we have AP’s. I have spoken to 2 different CM’s & received 2 different answers. One said that they will expire 14 days from 1st use (but this doesn’t make sense because we won’t have a “first use”), or 14 days from when we check in. When I asked another CM if I could add the no-expire option, she said we can’t add that option to a one day ticket because they will not expire if don’t use them. Does anyone have experience with this, &/or, know for sure?:confused:


Generally passes included on a stay (keycard) expire 14 days after the check in date. I’d talk to guest relations directly. You may be able to apply them to your AP renewal. Worth a phone call.

You could also ask them not to put them on them on your room card them just get a day pass and sell them to someone going into a park.


I think I will try to get them to put them on a separate card. I just think it depends on who you get at the counter. Some may know how to do things & others may not. We already have 3 non-expiring tickets from when we were there in Sept/04. We received the tickets when the parks were closed due to hurricane Jeanne. If this works, it would mean we have more “banked” passes for sometime in the future.
Oh, we will not be renewing Ap’s this year.The only reason we got them in the first place, was to save money last trip. It was cheaper to do that than get a 10 day pass plus a 6 day pass.


Have them “lump” them all together on one pass . . . then at non expiration . . . I’m pretty sure they can do that!


Oh, never really though of that. I was just going to keep a bunch of single passes to use whenever. Either way, I guess.


I still have mine from last year. DON’T put them on your key card! Those will expire within 14 days, I was told. Instead, have them put them on brand new cards that hold ONLY the tickets. I have one for each of us.


As long as they aren’t attached to your room, I don’t think they expire. It’s the multi-day passes that you have to worry about, because they expire 14 days after the first day is used (unless you go for the no-expiration option).


Don’t forget that when it comes time to renew your AP’s you can take these tickets and apply them to your renewal fee an they will take the value of the tickets off your renewal fee.


Any Magic Your Way pass will expire 14 days after it’s first use.
However, because this is a One Day Pass, it won’t expire for 30 years. The trick is it’s a one day pass, so there is no second day to worry about.
Those one day one park tickets are good as credit towards multi day tickets or annual passes any time because technically they don’t expire.


You should be fine! Technically what makes these passes expire is “usage”…and since they are one-day, you obviously can only use them once before they’re gone!

I would talk to the CM when you check in and make sure that these tickets don’t get lumped with any other ones you have, just to ensure they won’t become subject to expiration.


Oh, I’m glad you started this thread! It is true that as long as the park tickets are on there own card it will not expire until you use it.

For our upcoming trip we also had to purchase 1 day tickets in order to get the dining plan (we already have park tickets with no exp from our last trip). I was planning on saving the one-day tickets for another trip, but I never would have thought to ask for them on seperate cards! I wonder if some CMs will give you a hard time about doing this, especially if you are using the dining plan?


Actually, I didn’t even think to do it until the day before we checked out. Originally, they were on my key card. After looking at the card keys the night before we left, it said something about expiration on it. That’s when I went to the Reception Desk and asked for them to be put on their own card. The CM had no clue :blink: what I was talking about, and had to call a manager over. Then it was done lickety split. :happy:


Thanks for posting this, it will make me certain when asking them to do it, that it IS possible if they try & tell me they can’t do it. Sometimes you just need to be firm & polite when getting things like this done.