Will they move our luggage?


I saw someone mention in another thread that if you are changing resorts within your vacation they will move your luggage? Is this true?

We have a reservation for one week in October but are considering flying down the day before and staying at an All Star for the night. We want ME to take our luggage so we can rent a smaller car, but I have been concerned that we will have to move our luggage to the new room and that could be a disaster!


If you are moving from one Disney resort to another your luggage will be moved for you. We’ve done it several times in the past and it’s very simple. Call bell services when you are ready to leave your room, someone from bell services will come and tag your luggage and take it for you. About 3:00 all the luggage is moved so when you check into your new resort your luggage should be available.

It is my understanding that ME won’t move your luggage unless you board the ME bus at the airport. Once your information is scanned your luggage gets moved. I would call on that one so you don’t leave your luggage at the airport.


Actually, my mom, the kids and I will be taking ME, DH will then go and get the rental car and meet us at the resort! This is what we did on our last trip with DBIL and DSIL and it worked out great!!! That way we don’t have to worry about fitting all of the luggage and we can get a smaller rental car. It works out really well! We do the baggage check to come home and check them with bell services and don’t have to deal with the bags again until we arrive home at the airport!

This is great news about bell services moving our luggage. Hasd anyone had any trouble with this service? Since we are going from an all star to Boardwalk we should be fine!


It sounds like you have a plan that will work for you and your family.


Sounds like you’ve got it covered then. They move people between resorts all the time. It will just cost you a tip for bell services on both ends.



This is great news about bell services moving our luggage. Hasd anyone had any trouble with this service? Since we are going from an all star to Boardwalk we should be fine![/QUOTE]

The first time we did it, we had a problem. We were moving from POP to BCV. Somehow our bags ended up at CBR. We had gotten to the room in the evening and no bags. We called and they had no bags, so they had to put in a search. My DD had DGD diaperbag but pleaded “we only have one more diaper” LOL. It took maybe an hour to get them. Since then we always put our own tags with our name and new resort. So I don’t know if it was just a fluke our first time, but we never had a problem again.


When we have stayed at SSR we had 3 rooms during the whole stay due to avail but we didn’t have a problem with the luggage. We just had to wait 3 hours once so make sure you take a bag with things you can handle yourself just in case.


We too have switched resorts mid-stay and we have never had a problem with luggage. Bell services were great, very helpful and quite accomodating…after all, this is Disney we’re talking about!!:happy:


This is such a relief, I did not know what to do, I think I had resigned myself to not going for the extra night and just having to fly later in the afternoon! This info saves me in a ton of ways! Thanks to whomever posted about the fact that they will move your luggage in the other thread!

Even though I have been an MB’er for a couple of years, I am suprised each time I learn something new! Great day!!!


We even changed rooms within POP once and they tagged and moved our luggage. Only thing was, our laptop did not show up with the other bags, but they had secured it for us, somewhere safer than where they keep the general luggage. So, in the end, we called and were pleased that they had gone the extra mile to keep our laptop safe.

Ain’t Disney GREAT!?


We change resorts almost every trip and bell services takes care of our luggage every time. It’s great! My only recommendation is to call EARLY for luggage pickup as the guys get very, very busy and you can waste alot of time waiting for them when you could be playing in the parks. Actually the past couple of trips we just walked our luggage to bell services and dropped it off there. Not to big of a hassle, but we have teens to help us…may not be as easy with little ones in tow.


Yes, they definately will move it for you. Set it up with the front desk on the day before you check out of resort number one. they will let you know what time you can expect your luggage at resort number 2. I did this when I canged from the AKL to the Poly. It worked out fine.