Will this be a new Disney character? LOL


Squirrel on the tracks makes Disney monorail epically slow


Just when you thought you’ve seen everything…:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Introducing our newest member of the Disney family and following a long tradition of less then brilliant animals it’s---------------Roadkill Randy

-Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Hilarious- 45 minutes? ouch


Aww, poor little squirrel! He was exhausted. Cudos to the monorail driver! Although, I’m sure not all of the passengers were happy…


That was hillarious! It was funny to see how the crowd on the platform was cheering for the squirrel! I wonder how the folks ON the monorail reacted??


…ouch is right…and it’s not like they can open the door and let you off to walk!!! Lol

Can you imagine if this driver had let something happen to the squirrel on purpose? That would have made the nightly national news about how awful Disney is etc etc…just like when someone is hurt due to their own …um…dare I saw it stupidity?


squirrel! squirrel! squirrel!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


So this is where I originally saw this…see…I saw it somewhere else today and posted my own thread a few minuts ago…forgetting I had seen and commented here earlier…

I’m losing my mind…I need a vacation:blink:


That is so adorable! If the squirrel would have been squished it would have broken my heart! Such a lovely video :happy:


DH was showing this video to me, he saw it online somewhere. The poor thing was exhausted!


I’m just thinking how I’d be feeling if I were standing (because I always offer my seat to those who need it more) on the monorail for 45 minutes, watching my park time and my ADR’s erode.


Yep, and it could also reopen the whole can of worms about the RFID pre-booked fast passes thingy. But I certainly wouldn’t want to do that!:eek:


“But…but…there was this squirrel, you see…and I kept yelling to the monorail driver through the wall…but she wouldn’t speed up…Please stop looking at me like I’m crazy…just let me relish my pre-assigned, completely unspontaneous moment of fun!”