Will you be doing the WDW free dining this year?


The free Disney Dining promotion is probably the most talked about and anticipated of all Disney discounts. Will you be able to take advantage of it this year?


I really miss the days of great room only discounts. We really saved more that way! However, the dining plan lets us splurge more and ends up being more fun! Without free dining, I wouldn’t order that many desserts and DD is thrilled to eat so many sweets in one day… only at WDW!


My option wasn’t on the board “Not lucky enough to book at such a time” :laugh:

I think I am glad that we only go during regular season, I don’t think I would want to put up with those free food crowds :wink:


I picked not this year…and not next year…and probably not ever. DH is a teacher, I am a teacher-in-training. It’s just not in the cards for us unfortunatly!


Have faith Bella. I’m a teacher too and I know it can be tough (but totally worth it!!!). May I suggest the Disney Visa if you don’t have one already. Since we use our card for most purchases and pay the entire balance every month, we will have enough bonus points for 2 adult and 1 child 7 day park hoppers for our Sept. trip and now we’re getting free dining. We’re choosing to stay at AKL this trip but if we booked a value resort, we could be going for 7 nights for less than $600 (plus gas and misc. expenses). So, a trip with free dining is a big deal in some cases!


It’s the wrong time of year for us as school starts 20th August. We are in the middle of 3 years of exams for DD so no time off school at all!

Maybe one day…


Disney Visa and booked here!


disney visa, and was on hold from 7:00 am until 7:45 am the first day to book!


unfortunately I cant … we just are really strapped for money that we will be doing Day trips till August and we might not even be able to renew our APs …


Nope, we are going 2X this year, but wont be there at that time.


We will probably NEVER be able to take advantage of it again because my DS is a football player and cannot miss during that time!!!:crying: That bums me out!!


We’ve been planning a Sept. vacation since last year and were holding out for the free dining :redface: We paid for the DDP on our last visit and found that we tried more places than we would have normally. Since we stay at the FW Cabins (love them!), it’s a little hard to jusify paying for dinners, but with the dining free…! Only hitch came when the CM had me on hold for about 5 minutes, then came back to gently explain the FW Campground wasn’t part of the free dining. :confused: It took a minute for me to come to and tell him that we’re not booking a campsite - we’re booking cabins! Phew! All better!


I picked “Mega Millions”…cause who doesn’t want to hit it big!!:laugh:

We use our DVC Membership for our resort reservations, no free dining for us…

…but I wanted to participate in the poll!!:blush:


Not this year…if they offer it next year, I’ll take advantage. We are going for Thanksgiving this year. After going for the Free Dining last year, I loved it…but REALLY missed all of the holiday decor. So I vowed to go during the holiday this year…and I’m not changing my mind! (although it would save me some money…:closedeye )


You didn’t have a choice for “yes- we’re going because we booked the Bounceback Offer last year!” :laugh: :happy:


Going for FREE DINING… YEAH… got through finally…

I am so happy…


I’ll be there…just won’t be doing it. I rented points and can’t have the free dining too…oh well.


Leslieh! I think I found the right spot now . . . if it was a snake . . .:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Booked through Mousketrips, and Scott emailed first thing this morning letting us know we would be getting a credit!:happy: :happy:


My answer was “come on Mega Millions!!” But then again, if I won Mega Millions I could pretty much go anytime :laugh: .


So I did the math…I am not losing a penny. The only thing cheaper than renting the points (not that I would even try at this point to change cause I already paid for the points) is by going to POFQ. or value (why would I do that when I can have deluxe?)…that would only be $150 cheaper…then I would have to add a one-day MYW pass for both me and DD to make it a package since my passes are already bought and I don’t think can be applied here…I think I got a sweet deal renting the points and paying for both the dining and the passes seperately…who needs free dining? lol