Willbegone's Halloween trip restaurant reviews


Let me start by saying we were on the Regular DDP and we have always loved having the DDP but after this trip we are not so sure. Being a party of 6 gratuity was automatic and believe me they made SURE we knew it. All but one server pointed it out, circled it and pointed it out again that we “owed” this amount. It really irritated me! Two servers in particular were very pushy about it. I also think the service on this trip was subpar due to this fact. I’ll get into that later.

Saturday Oct. 29


We dined here for lunch. DD, Granny and I all had:

Fried Shrimp and Fish Basket - Served with cole slaw and steamed fresh broccoli, choice of either French Fries or Apple Slices $8.99 (taked from Allears)

This turned out to be much better than we anticipated. I’m not a big fish fan but I really enjoyed this selection. I actually liked the fish more than the shrimp which is very unusual for me. The cole slaw was also very good.

DH: Lobster Roll - served with potato chips $9.99

He deemed this just okay. I did try it and agreed that it was just okay. A little too much celery for our taste but I think most people would enjoy it.

Papa: Lighthouse Sandwich - hummus with tomato & broccoli slaw on toasted multigrain bread with potato chips $8.99

He had no idea what he was ordering. He had never tried hummus before and was hesitant to even try it. Once he did, he said it was okay but he rarely deems any food above okay so I wouldn’t go by his opinion.:laugh:

We had various desserts none of which were anything special.

In all we love CHS and will eat there again and again.


Yes, we were a party of 6 last time and it was 40 and up on tip everytime and they made sure we knew it as well. We are still going to use the DDP only because my kids and bf eat twice their weight, so it helps out a lot with the buffets.


I don’t have a problem paying the tip at all but to be so pushy about it is just rude. I think we would have received better service if their tip depended on it, instead they knew they were getting $40 off our table regardless of their service.


I’m taking all descriptions from allears.

Saturday Oct. 29-Dinner-Whispering Canyon (TS-WL):

Entrees chosen were:
Canyon Skillet
All You Care To Enjoy $28.49 per person

Smoked Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Oven-roasted Chicken, Beef Brisket, Mashed Potatoes, Cowboy Beans, and Corn on the Cob, Mixed Greens Salad with Apple Vinaigrette, Coleslaw, and Fresh-baked Cornbread

Grilled New York Strip Steak -with Canyon steak fries and garden Vegetables $31.99

The skillet was plentiful and very good. I can’t get enough of the Apple vinaigrette dressing and sweet cornbread. The only problem with the skillet is that it is just too much food. Granny, Papa and I all shared the skillet and there was still tons of food left. DH had the steak and deemed it okay. For a food to get a good rating from him it must truly be above par. The “steak fries” were awful and were not cooked completely. He would not order this again based purely on that. DD had an adult sized serving of chicken nuggets (standard Disney nuggets) and DS had macaroni and cheese.

All you can drink shakes are included on the DDP and everyone but me took advantage of this perk. Due to this, I was the only one who wanted dessert and I ordered a white chocolate bread pudding that was new to the dessert menu. It was not very good. The white chocolate chips in the bread were minimal and I could not taste them at all. I love white chocolate and disappointed in this dessert.

We did ask for ketchup because we really needed it and the kids were involved in the wooden horse march. I think the fun of this restaurant depends on the server and the other families dining. Most of the families there at 5PM were dull. Our server was good, not wonderful but good. She was not overbearing about the tip at all and learned later in the week I should have appreciated that more. We enjoy WCC but after 2 consecutive trips there it is time to take a break from there and try something new. I do have some pictures but we can not find the proper cable to the new camera so hopefully I can locate it tonight.


We were a party of 7 so we had the gratuity automatically added also, none of the servers made a point of it! They only asked if I wanted it on my card! I would have been upset if it was pushed too! We had good service except at CP and Park Fare, where we had to beg for refills! Those 2 definitely would not have received a $40+ tip otherwise!


Whispering Canyon is one of my favorite places! It’s pointless now for me to eat there but I think it’s a fun place to eat. We usually went a little later than 5 and had a really good time!


We’ll be at WC on MOnday, so I’m glad I saw this - the white chocolate dessert would have been top on my list otherwise!

You said you shared a skillet with 2 people? Were they ok with you all sharing it? I am wondering because I’d share mine with DD if I could - we won’t eat enough of it but both want it and she is 11 (well, turns 11 that day!), I’m not paying that much for an adult skillet for her…


[QUOTE=emamasa;1095204]We’ll be at WC on MOnday, so I’m glad I saw this - the white chocolate dessert would have been top on my list otherwise!

You said you shared a skillet with 2 people? Were they ok with you all sharing it? I am wondering because I’d share mine with DD if I could - we won’t eat enough of it but both want it and she is 11 (well, turns 11 that day!), I’m not paying that much for an adult skillet for her…[/QUOTE]

I’m wondering that myself as my 2 youngest could not eat 1 skillet solo and I wouldn’t think an unlimited unfinished plate could be taken to go. I didn’t realize all you can eats could be shared.


The way I typed that was misleading. We each ordered the skillet and it all came out together in one big skillet. You can’t actually order one and share it. It is priced per person. Sorry about that.


I forgot to take a picture of many of the meals until after it had been attacked. I did get one of the skillet but half of it is gone.


And the sweet cornbread with butter, YUM!!


Wooowwwwww, that cornbread looks so good!! drool

I’ve only been to WC once for lunch. We had good food and a fun server, but it seemed a little subdued. I could see where a rowdy crowd at dinner would be lots of fun!


Lastly the white chocolate chip bread pudding.


ah! that makes more sense then, thanks for clearing it up!!

I hate that the bread pudding wasn’t great - it sounds like something right up my alley!


Try it. Maybe it was a bad day for it. :slight_smile: You might love it!!

Willbegone - I LOVE THIS THREAD! Keep it coming!


It isn’t shared. For all intents and purposes, it’s just a variation on family service, same as Garden Grill and 'Ohana.
You’d better believe that every person was charged.
Unless you get a very very very sneaky CM who is willing to risk charging for only one person when all three are sharing the skillet.


Thx Doug, she came back and clarified her post. :wink:


On the bread pudding, try it. You may love it. One of my favorite desserts in all of WDW is the O’Hana bread pudding and I was comparing WL’s to it and it didn’t compare. I also was very full and may have been too full to truly enjoy it.

Sunday Oct. 30: Lunch at Le Cellier (TS) and snacked around Food & Wine for dinner

We were so excited to have lunch at Le Cellier this my mom’s favorite place and her request for this trip. It is also my favorite. Our ADR was for 12:05PM but we were starving and arrived at 11:30AM. We were seated at 11:40AM and there were only 3 other parties in the restaurant at the time. Our server quickly came for drink orders. It took longer than expected to receive our drinks and bread as we were her only table at the time. I must apologize that I did not get one single picture here. I completely forgot I was so hungry. LOL! Our selections for this lunch were:

Me & Granny each ordered: Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon - with wild mushroom risotto, white truffle and herb butter sauce $26.99. We substituted the cream cheese mashed potatoes for the risotto. This was WONDERFUL!! The steak was cooked to perfection (we always order medium rare), tender and the sauce was just the right compliment to the meat and potatoes. The cream cheese mashed potatoes are also just as yummy. My mom and I both finsihed these dishes down to the last morsel! I would have licked the plate if it weren’t bad manners. :slight_smile:

DH: Le Cellier House Burger - with roasted mushrooms, pancetta,maple barbecue, Black Diamond Cheddar, and crispy onions $14.99

This burger was HUGE and also had a full sized huge pickle with it which DD loved. DH really enjoyed his burger and deemed it good. That is high praise from him. Again it was cooked perfectly and the mushrooms were excellent. DH is not a big mushroom fan but actually really liked these.

My dad ordered an item not listed on the allears menu, it was a skillet of some sort and he enjoyed it but I can not remember for the life of me what was on it.

DD ordered an adult sized portion of the pasta on the kids menu and loved it! She has requested to eat here again. DS got the cheese pizza.

Desserts ordered: Creme brulee, Chocolate mousse and a seasonal fruit sorbet. All were very delicious and no one was disappointed.

This was by far the best meal of the week.

Our server was okay. I expected more here as the last time we dined here in 2007 our server was wonderful. She did not fill my dad’s water glass at all during the meal but filled the rest of ours. She finally offered to fill it at the end of the meal. It took forever to get our food which I know wasn’t her fault but DS only has so much patience when he is hungry. Midway thru our meal the restaurant was packed and our service became very slow. However, she was still better than what we received later in the week.

We will DEFINETLY return to Le Cellier!




The plan for the evening was to snack around world showcase in order here is what we tried:

DD was first up in Australia: Shrimp on the Barbie with Pepper Berry Citrus Glaze $4.50
She liked this but thought it was spicy, DH tried it also and said it was spicy but they like spice so they enjoyed it.

DD then tried shrimp again in China: Black Pepper Shrimp (4) with Sichuan Noodles $4.50
See a theme with her? She gobbled up the shrimp but didn’t like the noodles. I tried the noodles and she was right. The noodles were dry and very little flavor. She said the shrimp was okay but Australia was better.

Next up was CHEESE!!! I love cheese and especially fondue so I of course got Cheese Fondue with Sourdough Bread $3.00. It was soooooo good! I could have eaten another one but knew there were other things I wanted to try.

While I was in the cheese line DH and Papa were in line at Germany for Nuernberger Sausage in a Pretzel Roll $4.50
Both men said the sausage was good but the pretzel roll was not.

Next up was Italy for me Ravioli Di Formaggio all’Emiliana (Baked Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Beef Bolognese Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, and Melted Mozzarella $4.50
This was good and filling but not great as I had hoped.

I followed this up with California Sushi Roll $3.50 in Japan. This was good and came with a nice helping of wasabi which I LOVE! I live in an extremely small town and sushi is not available here so when I can get some I always do and enjoy it.

DH and DS walked by Morocco and had to have what it was they were smelling, turned out to be Kefta Pocket (Ground Seasoned Beef in a Pita Pocket) $5.00. Both of them liked it by DH said it was a little dry and didnt eat much of it. DS had no problem with it but he kept calling it a hamburger.

My mom finally made it to her goal of France and Escargots Persillade en Brioche (Garlic and Parsley Snails in Brioche) $4.95. This was delicious, I tried some. DS did too and loved it! DD wouldn’t come near it. Granny loved it also and if the line had not been so long would have went back for more.

I needed more cheese so I got Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup $3.75
Of course it is the same as served at Le Cellier just much smaller helping.

I finished off my tour (I’m really the only one that sampled more than 1 or 2 things) with the dessert trio offered at the dessert and champagne kiosk. It was okay, the white chocolate macadamia mousse was wonderful but I got one bite of it and DH got the rest. The other two were just okay and I wished I had ordered the mousse in full size instead.

I wish I could have held more as there were so many wonderful smells. The lines were long but moved quickly. I really enjoyed F&W.